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Ticket Event Wizard Updates

One of the big projects that we are currently working on is simplifying the Ticket Event Wizard by moving features from the Wizard into the Dashboard. Right now, there is a lot of power that nonprofits love in the Ticket Wizard, including: Information collection (per ticket purchase or per individual ticket)Ticket GroupsRequire multiples of tickets... Continue Reading →

Ticket Dashboard: Tickets

GiveSignup’s Ticket Event Wizard makes it easy and simple for you to create your event. If you need to make an update after setting up your event, you’ll be able to make changes from your dashboard. All of the functionality from the Wizard is in the dashboard, as well as advanced features for more complex... Continue Reading →

Tools for Coronavirus Planning

GiveSignup/RunSignup will be releasing two tools this week to help races if they are affected by Coronavirus and are forced to postpone, change to a virtual race or to cancel. The first tool is a customizable Pop-up, Content, and Email Notification if a run/walk/ride needs to be postponed or cancelled. This tool will hopefully be... Continue Reading →

Webinar Recap: Ticket Events

Recording: Watch the webinar Example Ticket Events In this week's webinar, GiveSignup Account Manager Elisabeth DellaRova covered basic ticket event setup and then demonstrated some of our newer, more advanced features that can help your nonprofit raise more and save time. Ready to set up a ticket event? Create Ticket Event Basic Event Setup Support... Continue Reading →

.org for Profit

As an employee owned company trying to help nonprofits, we have no love for the money hungry private equity industry. As famed open source software developer Kohsuke Kawaguchi notes, this is outright corruption. If you are not familiar with the story, ICANN is the organization that has been responsible for administering how domain names like... Continue Reading →

Ticket Events: Set Tax Deductible Amounts

You can now define the dollar amount of your nonprofit ticket event that is NOT tax deductible so that your supporters can write off the tax deductible portion of their ticket purchase. In your Ticket Event Dashboard, go to Event >> Purchase Settings >> Tax Deduction Settings. First, confirm that your nonprofit's tax deduction information,... Continue Reading →

Webinar Recap: Sales Tax and Nonprofits

Watch the Webinar View the Slides Read the Q and A We will try to provide information as directly as possible, but remember that RunSignup does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for,... Continue Reading →

Look Up a Donation on a Ticket Event Website

On event websites, supporters can now look up their donation by scrolling to the bottom and entering their email address in the Donation Lookup field (below Look Up Ticket).  They will receive an email shortly with information about their donation. Inside this email is the donation date, donor name, amount, and a link to resend... Continue Reading →