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Create Promotions for your Ticket Event

You can now send promotional emails for your Ticket Event to a CRM list, which can include participants from your races, donors, and/or fundraisers. This is a powerful way to cross-promote different types of events to various groups of supporters with targeted messaging and incentives. This blog walks you through how to send a promotional... Continue Reading →

21+ Ticket Events

If your nonprofit is selling tickets to a wine tasting, beer festival, or other event that is only open to attendees over 21, you can now specify that when setting up your ticket levels. Our system complies with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). If your ticket event collects personal information for ticket holders, you... Continue Reading →

Ticket Event Store Capabilities

GiveSignup ticket events have an integrated store capability, allowing nonprofits to sell merchandise, add-ons, or other additional items in the ticket purchase path. This feature is unique to our platform, and it gives nonprofits an additional way to generate revenue through their event websites. In the future, we will add the capability to have a... Continue Reading →

Gala: Ticket Groups and Levels Example

Ticket Groups and Levels Blog Series GiveSignup ticket events offer flexible ways to display the ticket options to potential ticket buyers. Ticket options are categorized into groups and levels. A ticket group is a category of ticket levels that correspond to part or all of a ticket event. At least one ticket group is required.... Continue Reading →

Fundraising Dinner: Ticket Groups and Levels Example

Small-scale fundraising events: Spaghetti Dinners and Pancake Breakfasts GiveSignup ticket events are great for small and simple fundraisers, like pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners, because our platform is flexible and free. You can set up your events on GiveSignup, pass on the processing fees, and generate additional revenue for your nonprofit for no cost. Here... Continue Reading →

Multi-Day Events: Ticket Groups and Levels Example

Setting Up a Multi-Day Event  Multi-day events, like festivals, are easy to set up on GiveSignup’s ticket platform. Most multi-day events choose to create ticket groups for each day of the event, with ticket levels for variants like times, adult/child pricing, or even location.  Example Setup for a Multi-Day Festival This is one way to... Continue Reading →