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Photos 2.0 Begins to Roll Out

The photo above is a white board drawing of the new Photo 2.0 architecture and flow of information. It is OK if you don't understand it - the important thing to know is it allows us to add a bunch of cool photo features and continue to expand. We released the beginnings of the Photos... Continue Reading →

New and Simple Ticket Wizard

GiveSignup's Ticket Wizard makes it simple and easy to set up your nonprofit's ticket event in minutes. You'll set up information about your ticket event, enable donations, create tickets, add pricing, and link your payment account (or create a new payment account, send an invite to the person responsible for your nonprofit's finances to set... Continue Reading →

Ticket Dashboard: Event

GiveSignup's Ticket Event Wizard makes it easy and simple for you to create your event. If you need to make an update after setting up your event, you'll be able to make changes from your dashboard. All of the functionality from the Wizard is in the dashboard, as well as advanced features for more complex... Continue Reading →

View Ticket Waiver

If you set up a waiver for your ticket event, you can now generate a time-stamped version of the waiver. This is useful if you need to confirm that a no refunds waiver was signed by a ticket purchaser. To view the signed waiver, navigate to Reports >> Ticket Purchases. At the top of the... Continue Reading →

Donations and Fundraising: COVID-19 Webinar Recap

Webinar Recording Further your mission--but first, take care of your people This is and will continue to be an extremely difficult time for nonprofits. It’s time to go back to basics: engage your communities. People need connection more than ever. Focus on your employees, beneficiaries, and volunteers first, and keep any donations and fundraising... Continue Reading →

Creating an Event with a TBA Date

This is a stressful and uncertain time for many, but it will end. In the meantime, your nonprofit can continue planning your events and fundraising, but with some modifications. You can create a ticket event on GiveSignup with a TBA date and time (and location), but still take donations right on your website so that... Continue Reading →

Postponing or Cancelling Your Ticket Event

Coronavirus is affecting the entire run/walk/ride and event industry, and could be a real threat to your nonprofit event. You can check out other RunSignup/GiveSignup blogs to learn more about the precautions we are taking to protect our customers and our company.  Emergency and Race Postponement Plans for CoronavirusChargebacksTools for Planning and Chargeback ReservesWhy is... Continue Reading →

Chargebacks and Coronavirus

We are beginning to see the impact of Coronavirus on our communities and on our run/walk/rides and nonprofit events. We are trying to be proactive to help the industry with information about any direct impact we see and education about actions races can take. One of the big concerns for run/walk/rides and nonprofit events is... Continue Reading →