Intermittent Issues with Facebook Fundraiser API

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Over the last couple weeks we’ve had a few nonprofits report issues with their Facebook Fundraiser integration. Meta has undergone some changes over the past month and our previous contacts are no longer with the company. We are still waiting on Meta to release a fix to the Fundraiser API and provide our team access to Meta’s test environment in order to resolve our customers’ reported issues. In the meantime we may release a fix that we believe will resolve customers’ issues without having access to Meta’s test environment, although our development team is more cautious around testing than Mark Zuckerberg’s motto of “move fast and break things”.

Fortunately the Fundraiser API issues are limited to just a few of the more than 1,200 nonprofits that use the free GiveSignup – Facebook Fundraiser integration. We will continue to support the integration and resolve customers’ issues that are within our control.

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