More Ticket Event Website Components

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When you create your ticket event, TicketSignup automatically creates a website based on the information you entered in the wizard. There are several components that we automatically add to every website, including ticket tiles, Event Description, Ticket Lookup, Donation Lookup, a contact form, social media links, and location. You can now add these components anywhere on your website, along with rearranging and deleting them on any page of your website.

One common use case of using these components is adding a menu item called “Manage Your Tickets”. On this new page, I’ve added both the Ticket Lookup and Contact Form components.

Since these components have been added to the new Manage Ticket page created, I can delete them from my main website page.

This adds even more flexibility to how you design your free Ticket Event Website. We continue to add more design and data components to the Website Builder’s library.

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