Five Ways to Increase Your Event Revenue

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Hosting a successful event can be complicated and require a lot of time and effort. TicketSignup’s features are designed to ease that burden. Our product driven technology enables you to decrease effort while increasing profitability.  Today we are going to talk about five things you can do on TicketSignup (Adjusting Price Point, Cart Discounts, Time Limited Coupons, Donation discounts and Partner Processing Fees) that can help you easily increase your event’s revenue.

Adjust Ticket Price Point

Events often struggle with establishing variable pricing across multiple dates or times.  With TicketSignup you can easily raise or lower ticket prices or days or times that may have different attendance demands.  In the event dashboard find Tickets >> Pricing.  There you can add various purchase periods with different ticket prices. In this example, the event has a price increase for Friday, the most popular night to attend.  And even better you change them at any time you want in real time.

Cart Discounts

Cart discounts are one of our newer features that incentive purchasers to spend more in order to get a discount.  A cart discount can either be done as a percentage or dollar amount off a transaction when the consumer purchases a certain amount in their total transaction.  Whether the event is wanting to drive more attendance or just additional purchases, cart discounts incentivize people to spend more. To enable the cart discount within the event dashboard, access Financial >> Cart Discounts.  The images below show both the dashboard view and what a customer would see in their checkout screen. 

Time Limited Coupons

Creating limited time demand for purchasing tickets can be a challenge for events.  Through TicketSignup events have the ability to offer time-limited coupons that are only valid between certain dates.  Be it an offer for early bird purchases or over a holiday weekend to get people buying, TicketSignup has flexible options to fit an event’s needs.  Even better, this feature allows an event to have the coupon only apply to certain types of tickets, specific ticket dates or have it cap after a certain number of redemptions. Within the dashboard, view Financial >> Coupons >> Add Coupon >> Advanced Settings.  Customers can immediately see the savings at checkout. This is a great way for event directors to incentivize people to buy tickets for lower demand dates or offer a limited time discount to increase participation. In addition, events can use TicketSignup’s free email tool to share out these coupon codes.

Donation Discounts

TicketSignup’s donation capabilities are especially worthwhile to nonprofits looking to increase their donations.  Donation discounts are a great way to incentivize people to give above and beyond their standard ticket purchase and reward them with a lower price ticket.  The donation discount can be set up with the Event Dashboard >> Donations >> Donation Discount.  

Once a donation discount is set up, a banner will post in the event tile to highlight the incentive

During the ticket purchase individuals will be prompted to donate with a call out highlighting the discount and a thank you is shown on the screen once they donate.

Partner Processing Fees and Revenue Sharing 

The TicketSignup partner program provides extra services and revenue sharing for organizations/groups that process 5000 or more tickets/registrations and/or $200K in transactions annually.  On a $50 ticket that is an additional $.60 back to your organization, which adds up to thousands of dollars back in additional revenue from the processing fees each year.  The partner program is fantastic for groups that have high traffic events,  multiple events annually or have a network of events they support.

Partner’s can also increase the processing fees on ticket purchases and keep any difference to earn more. To access this feature go to the partner Dashboard >>Financial >> Pricing >> Add New Pricing.  The dashboard will not allow processing fees to be reduced below the standard rate, but will allow a partner to increase them.  This is a great way to increase revenue without raising ticket prices directly.

By taking advantage of the free products on TicketSignup, events can generate more revenue without any additional work.  Learn more about TicketSignup today.

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