Favicon for Donation Forms

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What’s a favicon? Even if you aren’t familiar with the word, you most certainly have seen one every time you use a web browser. Favicons are the small icons that display on your browser tabs for each website you visit.

They help people quickly recognize which website is on a particular browser tab and easily navigate between tabs. Nonprofits now have the ability to add a favicon to donation forms.

To add your favicon, navigate to your profile by clicking on your profile image at the top right corner of the screen and selecting My Donation Forms.

To edit branding elements of your donation forms (including colors and your Favicon), click on the edit icon for your nonprofit settings.

Next, click on the edit icon for “Change Theme.”

Scroll to the bottom of the next page, below the color scheme options, to upload your favicon. The image’s dimensions should be square. Try to fill up as much of the space as possible and use a transparent background for a professional look.

Crop the image to your preferences.

To finish adding your favicon, click on the “Save Setup” button.

Refresh your donation form in your browser to view your new favicon.

Favicons are a great way to add additional customization to your donation form and strengthen your nonprofit’s brand. In the future, we plan to introduce more opportunities to add favicons in other areas of our platform.

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