Webinar Recap: Out-of-the-Box Ticket Events

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When you think of a fundraising ticket event, traditional types may come to mind like galas, festivals, or some kind of endurance race. But a ticket event can be so much more than these commonly known events. 

Don’t limit your supporters, and get creative with your next fundraising ticket event. Consider how you can engage all of your supporters by taking into account things such as, those who can’t attend in-person events, different age groups, and family friendly possibilities.

Catch up on this on-demand webinar to learn how our free purpose-built ticket platform can help you achieve a successful out-of-the-box fundraising ticket event. Whether you decide to do a read-a-thon, a virtual cooking class, or an at your own pace run, walk, or ride event, discover how you can engage supporters from any place, grow your events, and raise more for your cause.

Here’s a quick recap of what was covered in this webinar

  • The importance of events 
  • Free tools to enhance ticket events
  • Features that enable virtual components and integrated fundraising and donations
  • Popular (and successful) types of ticket events
  • Unique (and successful) types of ticket events
  • And more

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