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Sign Up and Donate Header for Ticket Event Emails

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There is a new header layout for Ticket Event Emails that features Sign Up and Donate buttons (if donations are enabled). These buttons automatically link to the ticket purchase path and the donation page, and help to emphasize your event’s key Calls to Action: Buying Tickets and Making Donations.

When you create your email in a Ticket Event, you have the option to customize the header of the email by clicking the gear in the right hand corner.

In addition to editing your event name and logo, you can now also choose between layouts. The horizontal layout features the Sign Up and Donate calls to action, and are automatically linked to the ticket purchase path and the donation page (if enabled) so that you don’t have to enter anything!

Next we will be adding this new header to registration. We’ll also add new default templates to both Ticket Events and Peer to Peer Fundraising Events that feature this new header.

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