New Trophy Case Celebrates Fundraising Milestones

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Fundraising milestones for peer-to-peer fundraising events just received a fun upgrade with the release of trophy cases for fundraising pages. This update introduces a button (View All Achievements) that displays beneath fundraising milestone badges on both individual and team fundraising pages that, when clicked, will open up a new page displaying milestones.

The new page will show fundraising milestones that have been achieved.

Screenshot above from individual fundraising page.

And, for those fundraisers still working towards milestones, the badges for milestones still to be achieved will show in grayscale to differentiate from those that have already been reached (full color).

Screenshot above from individual fundraising page.
Screenshot above from team fundraising page.

Fundraising milestone trophy cases are the latest enhancement to GiveSignup | RunSignup’s gamification features that make fundraising fun and help nonprofits raise more. This new display feature celebrates goals achieved while also reminding fundraisers of what to reach for next.

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