Phase 3 for Non-Binary Gender Options in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

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As part of our continued effort to honor the diversity and inclusivity of our company and our customers, we have completed the third phase of our Non-Binary implementation project. Our most recent updates provide nonprofits with the ability to offer more flexible gender options and provide more inclusive registration choices for peer-to-peer fundraising events without disrupting historical event data.

Phase 1: Updated Profile Gender Options

The first phase (released in July 2020) allowed a person to set their profile to Male, Female or Non-binary.

Phase 2: Enabled Non-Binary Option for Registration

The second phase (released in November 2021) gave event directors a way to enable Non-Binary support during registration.

With the second phase came a large caveat: Non-Binary selections were not stored in the database as an actual value, but instead, we were just interpreting “null” (a computer term for blank) as Non-Binary for those events that have this option selected.

Today, Phase 3: Implemented Native Non-Binary Support

In this phase, we now fully support Non-Binary (X) as a stored value in our database, meaning that participants who have selected Non-Binary in a registration path will now no longer show a blank gender in the places that they used to under Phase 2.

Dashboard View
Individual Results View

In the user profile, we have fully implemented Non-Binary as a third gender identity option and have added a “Prefer Not to Say” option as well.

User Profile View

When managing participants in the race dashboard, the Non-Binary gender option will stay selected after saving. Prior to this change, Non-Binary was represented by a null in the database. This meant that it looked like the system would deselect Non-Binary after saving.

Users registering for peer-to-peer fundraising events who are not using the setting to support the Non-Binary gender selection will be forced to select a binary gender, with a note explaining that the race or event has not enabled this feature and that they may not know it is available.


We have also added a group/team gender restriction setting to allow Non-Binary participants in either Male or Female groups.



We’re happy to continue this progress toward offering a more inclusive registration experience for our customers and end-users alike. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on how we are doing in this area as it is a constantly evolving topic that is important to many.

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