Webinar Round-Up: How Supporter Engagement Makes a Difference

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Now that you’ve checked off a successful year-end, it’s time to ramp your efforts up in the new year and keep that momentum going. Make it your top priority to engage with all of those year-end supporters and take those relationships to the next level. Join Nhu Te and Daniella Baires as they talk through ways to boost donor retention in 2022.

Here is a quick recap of what you can expect to learn:

  • Donor Retention 101. Learn more about donor retention and recurring giving, and why it’s important for your nonprofit.
  • The Importance of Communicating Your Story. Your donors and supporters want to be kept in the loop about your organization, so take the extra time to update them frequently and get creative with what you share.
  • Going Beyond the Ask. To ensure an authentic and long-standing relationship with your donors and supporters, diversify the way you communicate with them by giving them more ways to support your organization.
  • Create Your Action Plan. We’re equipping you with an action plan to get you started on building stronger relationships with your constituents by sharing more about the innovative tools from GiveSignup | RunSignup to grow your supporter engagement and revenue generation.

What is the difference between GiveSignup and RunSignup? This graphic explains it well: It’s one platform with two purpose-built solutions for all types of events.

Diagram breaking down the differences between GSU & RSU

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