QR Codes for Ticket Event Websites

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You asked. And they’re here! QR codes are now available for ticket events on GiveSignup | RunSignup. They link directly to your ticket event website and are automatically generated when you create a ticket event on our platform. This feature enables organizers to offer a quick and easy way for ticket purchasers to go directly to the point of purchase: your ticket event website. The QR code can be used to market the event in all your marketing and promotional media, including digital ads and on-site signage.

QR codes offer significant value in today’s COVID-19 event environment for both nonprofit organizations and ticket buyers. Organizers can empower walk-up attendees to use their personal mobile devices to purchase tickets rather than force them to use a shared terminal. You’ll be a hero to your guests by offering this touch-free purchase experience. Organizers will also save the time and effort in configuring, setting up, and managing kiosks on-site. Or, offer both and give your guests options!

This remainder of this blog will instruct organizers on where to locate the QR code and how to use it.

Navigate to QR Codes in Your Dashboard

To get your ticket event website’s QR code, navigate to the Promotions section of your event’s dashboard and select Links from the expanded section.

The auto-generated QR code appears on the next screen.

The QR code’s small format displays by default, but you have several size options to choose from: small (150×150), medium (300×300), and large (650×650).

Note: Image sizes above are in pixels.

Save the QR Code

To save the QR code for use in your advertising and promotions, select the size you prefer, and then right-click with your mouse hovering over the QR code image. Choose “Save Image As” to continue.

The file name defaults to “download,” but you can rename it and save it to a preferred location on your computer. 

You can now insert the image into your next advertisement or print it on signs to display at your event. Most mobile devices have built-in QR code readers as part of their camera, so there’s no need to download an app to use the QR code.

Up Next: Text Services for Website Links

QR Codes are one way to enable your attendees and donors to quickly access your website. We will continue to add QR Codes to other important links on your site, like donate pages and photos. In addition, we will be rolling out a new text request service in 2022. This will allow your attendees and donors to text a code to a unique number to request a link to your event website. For example, “Text 75492 to 34095 to purchase tickets now.” The texter will receive a link to your event’s ticket purchase page. This is perfect for in-person events, radio ads, and more.

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