Email Marketing Tactics to Accelerate Giving the Last 3 Days of the Year

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Year-end fundraising is now in full swing, and there’s only weeks left before we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022. It’s the busiest time of the year for nonprofits, and for good reason — the month of December accounts for 31% of all annual giving and the last three days of the year accounts for 12% of giving. For nonprofits that rely on fundraising for revenue, this presents a huge missed opportunity if they’re choosing to sit on the sidelines during a time of the year when generosity is at its peak. 

With the last three days of the year — December 29, 30 and 31 — quickly approaching, nonprofits should already have their emails lined up and ready to send. But if your team is still evaluating what types of emails to send during the last three days of the year, the good news is that you still have time — not much though! 

As a nonprofit, you have complete access to GiveSignup | RunSignup’s next-generation email marketing tool that you can use to send from your donation websites, donation forms, and ticket events. Plus, as a nonprofit, access to our suite of fundraising tools, including email marketing, is completely FREE. 

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Read this blog as we explore quick and easy email marketing tactics that you should employ now to make the most out of the last three giving days of the year.

Send Your Year-End Email Appeals

We’re halfway through December, which means it’s serious crunch time for your nonprofit. With your year-end campaign in full effect, make it a priority to continue to remind donors to give to your fundraising campaign, as well as share the campaign with their friends and family! 

Throughout the entire month of December, you should already be sending at least one email per week, raising more awareness about the exciting fundraising activities in your year-end campaign. But because giving is heightened in the last three days of the year, it’s even more vital to power up that messaging! Make it a goal to send at least one email per day as a reminder to help your organization hit its fundraising goal before time is up. 

A targeted fundraising goal and a deadline creates urgency, which helps drive giving. Plus, with the right messaging, you’re strengthening your community’s bond by “rallying the troops” to reach that fundraising milestone together. Use GiveSignup’s data replacement tags to personalize your emails and show your donors they are valued.

Example of how replacement tags are displayed on an email

While there are only weeks left of the year, it’s still not too late to plan, schedule, and send those email appeals! Read this blog to learn how simple it is to get started with GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free email marketing tool to send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of contacts — and execute your year-end fundraising campaign to get your piece of the giving pie the last three days of 2021. 

Remember, the fundraising opportunity during the last three days of the year are massive — with individual giving totaling more than $324 billion in 2020, and the last three days of the year accounting 12% of all giving

Segment Your Email Lists to Reach the Right Audience

With any type of communication your nonprofit makes with its constituents, it should be a priority that you’re sending the right information to the right audience. By uploading and segmenting your custom contact lists to GiveSignup, you’re ensuring that the right people are getting specific email communications. Plus, segmenting your audience adds a layer of unique personalization that your supporters will appreciate. For example, two segmented lists that you might have for your year-end campaign might be: those who have donated in 2021 and those who have lapsed. You can also combine or exclude lists to create dynamic recipient lists catered to your messaging.

Example of different custom lists

In order to segment your audience lists properly, you need to analyze the data that you have. With GiveSignup | RunSignup’s powerful insights analytics platform, you have easy and immediate access to data from your ticket events, donation websites, and donation forms, helping you monitor how your marketing strategy correlates to metrics — like pageviews, donations, ticket purchases, fundraisers, etc. These analytics can determine key points of donor engagement to maximize your visibility through strategic marketing and communications.

Example of data metrics available on GiveSignup

Additionally, our email marketing platform gives you two email accounts to send from: one for marketing/promotional communications and one for transactional communications, giving you a better way to manage your unsubscribes. The beauty of this is that it allows you to save the important emails (like reminders with QR codes for your ticket events) to be sent from a different account so if someone unsubscribed from your marketing emails, they would still receive your important transactional emails.

Transactional emails vs. marketing emails

Improve Time Management by Scheduling Email Sends in Advance

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season — juggling multiple fundraising and operational priorities, managing staff taking time off, etc. —  relieve the stress by scheduling your email sends weeks in advance. This ensures that the last week of the year isn’t overly burdened by simpler tasks — like creating and sending email appeals to your donors — and you can focus on achieving your fundraising goals and/or spending time with your family before the new year hits. 

With an easy-to-use email template that gives you a simple way to build your year-end email appeals, our email marketing tool also lets you schedule your email appeals to send in advance. 

Example of scheduling emails in advance

Plus, our email marketing system allows you to incorporate unique placeholders that are sure to make your email stand out:

  • Default data placeholders. This is a general placeholder that you can place in your email. For example, if your supporter is missing a name in your database, you can create a default placeholder like “Dear Supporter.” 
  • Custom information placeholders. With a custom placeholder, you can be more detailed in your language so that supporters see that the email was written specifically for them. For example, a custom placeholder could be how much the supporter has given in 2021.

Retain Better Open Rates With Key Content Pieces

These days, you have to liven up your emails with different content elements if you want to grab the reader’s attention. With over 3.8 billion email accounts in use across the globe and 306.4 billion emails sent and received last year, nonprofits need to freshen up their email marketing strategy this year-end. Even though you have a great mission statement, it’s easy for your email to get lost in the shuffle if it doesn’t have the right content elements. 

With GiveSignup | RunSignup, you can design your email effortlessly and add different content pieces that will help elevate your brand, your mission, and your fundraising. Here are a few ways to spice up your next email appeal: 

  • An eye-catching subject line. A good subject line will make the person want to open up your email communication. Find something that has a clear message, resonates with them, and entices them to take action — like “Will you help us reach our goal before December 31, 2021?”
  • Consistent branding. Don’t make them think twice about who the sender is. Your branding and logo should be one of the first things they see and should reflect what’s shown on your nonprofit website. And as long as you upload your branded logo, GiveSignup | RunSignup will automatically update it throughout the email. 
  • Call-to-action buttons that stand out. Recipients of your email should know exactly what you’re asking of them. Along with a clear message, a call-to-action button that is to the point, like “Donate Now,” will encourage them to immediately take action.
Screenshot showing content elements like subject line and CTA button

For your year-end fundraising campaign, GiveSignup | RunSignup’s purpose-built technology can help elevate your fundraising with a next-generation email marketing platform, along with access to free tools to build simple and easy-to-use donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns. Click here to learn more.

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