Learn From GivingTuesday Successes to Help You Raise More This Year-End

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GivingTuesday turned out to be a booming success! While sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday dipped this year, total donations from GivingTuesday continue to trend upward. Amid concerns that giving would take a backseat this year due to donors potentially feeling a lack of urgency to give, people all over the world still felt the desire to give to the causes they felt strongly about, with donations from GivingTuesday hitting a record $2.7 billion — a 9% rise from last year. 

With generosity at its height and nonprofits having their best GivingTuesday to date, this sets an incredibly exciting opportunity for nonprofits’ year-end fundraising. It’s now time for nonprofits to employ their year-end fundraising plans, continue to build on the generosity of donors, and raise more than ever before. 

A number of nonprofits used GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free and easy-to-use fundraising tools to raise money for their GivingTuesday campaigns — like quick and simple donation forms, all-in-one donation websites, and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns — which helped them effortlessly raise money to celebrate this important day of generosity. 

And with our nonprofits using simple fundraising tactics to reap high reward, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite GivingTuesday campaigns and share what made them stand out and how you can use these tactics and convert them to retain the same benefits for your year-end fundraising campaign. 

1. Set an Attainable Goal

Before your year-end fundraising campaign goes live, the simplest and most effective tactic is to set an attainable fundraising goal. The key here is to not make an unrealistic goal that is impossible to achieve. When you make an attainable goal, people are more inclined to donate as you get closer and closer to reaching that goal. And even if you hit your fundraising goal before the close of your year-end campaign, your donors will feel excited and fulfilled in helping you reach that milestone. 

Remember, if you set a GivingTuesday campaign fundraising goal, you’ll definitely want to aim significantly higher because year-end is weeks away and isn’t just a one-day event. We highly recommend that you look at your data to determine what an appropriate fundraising goal would be. Look at your numbers from your last year-end fundraising campaign (or another campaign that is similar in length) and increase the amount by 5% to 10%.

Speaking of data, with GiveSignup | RunSignup’s robust reporting tool, you have the ease of pulling important data about fundraising events, donation websites, donation forms, and fundraising campaigns, which gives you and your team full visibility into your organization and its fundraising.

GivingTuesday Example: For Your Thoughts Foundation

For Their Thoughts Foundation used GiveSignup | RunSignup to create a straightforward donation form to raise much-needed funds on GivingTuesday. While the foundation gives explicit details on its background, its mission, and its impact, the first thing that stands out is its donation thermometer, which highlights its overall fundraising goal and its progress toward that goal. The foundation was also able to close out its donation period, which reaffirms that this donation form was only open on November 30, 2021. The best part is that the campaign exceeded its fundraising goal, with a total of $1,170 raised on GivingTuesday. 

2. Empower Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

We’ve often preached about the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, and during the year-end season, it’s no different. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a way to get your most loyal supporters to activate their advocacy by raising money on behalf of your organization. As GivingTuesday is only a single day long — and peer-to-peer fundraisers proving how effective their support can be (likely significantly contributing to the $2.7-billion figure) — imagine how much more transformational that type of fundraising can be when the timeline is extended from one day to nearly a month. 

Example: Arts for Learning Indiana

Arts for Learning Indiana utilized many of our features on its GivingTuesday donation website, which includes key information about the global day of giving, a donation thermometer, top donors, and, of course, fundraisers associated with the campaign. What’s great to see is that most of the peer-to-peer fundraisers exceeded their fundraising goals — one of which nearly doubled its fundraising goal! 

3. Further Educate Donors on Your Mission & Their Impact

Creating a simple donation form can take only minutes out of your day, but it’s worth the effort to take a little extra time to build out a donation website that explains the importance of year-end giving. By doing so, you’re building urgency into your campaign, expressing the need for funds right now, and explaining what those funds will go toward. 

Example: Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault

To further heighten the importance of GivingTuesday, the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault created a professionally designed infographic that educates its donors on why the organization needs your support on GivingTuesday and which programs your donations would be funding. Additionally, the organization also capitalized on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering donors the opportunity to support its cause by donating a portion of their purchases from AmazonSmile. Because these graphics are so transferable, the organization is able to also repurpose the graphics and use them for year-end fundraising.

If you don’t have a graphic designer on staff or don’t have the resources to hire one, the good news is that there are a number of free, beginner-friendly tools available, like Canva. And with access to a donation website that is equipped with an easy-to-use website builder that enables you to share all of your mission-driven content pieces for FREE, it’s a no-brainer to set up your year-end fundraising campaign on GiveSignup | RunSignup. 

4. Establish Clear Donation Levels

These days, donors want to know how their donation will make an impact on your mission. Of course it’s best practice to send monthly impact reports on how much your organization has raised and which programs those donations supported — but taking the time to let them know before they donate is also encouraging for your donors. Don’t make it a guessing game for your donors — tell them exactly what they are contributing to. 

Example: Operation Wakulla

Operation Wakulla / Operation Santa GivingTuesday 2021’s donation form gives the option of six donation levels, along with what each dollar amount will support. For example, if someone wants to donate $150, their donation would provide “Christmas gifts to children and families who may not otherwise have a Christmas due to the financial needs of their family.”

5. Personalize Giving With E-Cards

During the busy holiday season when people are feeling extra charitable, be sure to include customized e-cards on your donation websites and forms. With GiveSignup | RunSignup, you have the power to level up giving by equipping your donors with the option to send customizable e-cards — giving them the opportunity to donate to your organization on behalf of loved ones as a unique and special gift this year-end. 

E-cards offer your donors a unique way to give a genuine, thoughtful gift to a loved one, but don’t expect them to automatically know that your donation website or form has that option. We recommend sending out an email appeal letting donors know to take advantage of this giving opportunity throughout the holiday season. 

Example: Cure4Cam Childhood Cancer Foundation

In addition to including numerous giving levels on its GivingTuesday donation form, Cure4Cam Childhood Cancer Foundation also included a selection of eye-catching e-cards that donors could choose from. The best part is that adding e-cards to your donation website or form is super simple: E-cards are enabled by default, and you can add card images to customize the donor experience

For your year-end fundraising campaign, GiveSignup | RunSignup’s purpose-built technology can help elevate your fundraising with a next-generation email marketing platform, along with access to free tools to build simple and easy-to-use donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns. Click here to learn more.

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