Supercharging Generosity After GivingTuesday

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GivingTuesday has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the hard work is over. In fact, December is the most critical time for your year-end fundraising campaign. While you’ve spent the time planning, prepping, and outlining all of the groundwork for your campaign, it’s now time to execute your fundraising plans and bring them into fruition.   

GiveSignup | RunSignup equips nonprofits with simple yet effective fundraising tools that empowers them to simultaneously save time and raise more. With access to free fundraising tools, like donation forms, donation websites, email marketing, and event registration websites, your nonprofit has everything it needs to ensure a productive and successful year-end fundraising campaign.

Read on to learn what you need to do now to keep the fundraising momentum going for your year-end campaign, unlock even more generosity from your supporters, and end 2021 — and start 2022 — off with a bang! 

Transform Donors Into Supporters

You’ve worked tirelessly over the past few months brainstorming, planning, and collaborating with your team members to ensure the successful execution of your GivingTuesday campaign. But now that you’ve reaped the fruits of your labor, there’s still work to do on December 1, also known as #ThankYouWednesday. 

To drive better fundraising results and ensure your organization’s sustainability, it’s important that you use this opportunity to engage and steward all the people who graciously donated to your GivingTuesday campaign — by converting those one-time donors into lifelong supporters. 

Plan ahead by proactively creating a thank-you email campaign for your GivingTuesday donors. GiveSignup | RunSignup makes it super easy to map out, schedule, and send emails on #ThankYouWednesday and beyond! Our unique email marketing tool allows you to send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts, create custom lists, and is completely FREE for nonprofits to use. 

Another perk of our email marketing system is that you can include unique placeholders that help your email stand out in donors’ inboxes: 

  • Default data placeholders. This is a general placeholder that you can place in your email. For example, if your supporter is missing a name in your database, you can create a default placeholder like “Dear Supporter.” 
  • Custom information placeholders. With a custom placeholder, you can be more detailed in your language so that supporters see that the email was written specifically for them. For example, a custom placeholder could be how much the supporter has given in 2021. 

Focus on Year-End Fundraising

GivingTuesday should also be one of the many moving parts of your overall campaign — the opening act to your year-end fundraising campaign. Take in the spirit of the holidays by encouraging your supporters to be a true advocate for your mission by donating, fundraising, or volunteering. The purpose of your year-end fundraising campaign is to raise more money for your mission, and getting your most loyal supporters to fundraise on your behalf is another way to bring in more donations this holiday season. 

On top of valuable fundraising and marketing tools to help you drive giving this year — like email marketing, donation websites, and donation forms — GiveSignup | RunSignup also has engaging peer-to-peer fundraising tools that will help incentivize your supporters to fundraise for your campaign this year-end. Our technology enables your supporters to create their own fundraising campaigns and Facebook Fundraisers, and we give you the power to gamify their fundraising with unique rewards and discounts. 

Incentives to Promote More Fundraising This Holiday Season

By gamifying the fundraising experience, you’re empowering more people to ramp up their fundraising efforts. At GiveSignup | RunSignup, our nonprofits have gamified their event fundraising and peer-to-peer fundraising efforts by adding features like goals, milestones, badges, and rewards, as well as showcasing leaderboards to show participant and fundraiser progress:

  • Milestones and badges. When your supporters sign up to be fundraisers, they should also set their fundraising goals. A great way to encourage them to hit those goals is by adding milestones, and then giving them a badge when each milestone is completed. A milestone for both fundraisers and event participants can be getting halfway to their goal (e.g., raising $500 or running five miles). 
  • Incentives. While people sign up for your events and fundraise on your behalf because they truly believe in the mission of your organization, by rewarding fundraising, you’re incentivizing people to raise even more for your mission. Common fundraising incentives, like swag, can get people motivated to fundraise because they’re getting something tangible in return. However, like many for-profit companies, offering monetary rewards for getting more people signed up for the event can be an even more enticing incentive for your fundraisers. GiveSignup | RunSignup’s referral rewards program allows nonprofits to give supporters money back if they hit a certain referral threshold (e.g., $20 back for getting five people registered for the event). 
  • Refunds. Another way to level up your rewards program: Incentivize and reward your fundraisers for surpassing their fundraising goals by automatically giving them a refund of their registration fee when they hit a set goal. For example, if you want fundraisers to raise more than $500, GiveSignup | RunSignup lets you set up an automated refund reward of their registration fee when they raise $500. Additionally, GiveSignup | RunSignup lets you automate discounts for anyone on a team that hits a certain size, further encouraging fundraisers to join teams. For example, let’s say regular registration for your fundraising event is $39. To promote team fundraisers, your nonprofit is offering a $5 discount for members of groups of more than five. With our automated discounts, the first four registrants pay $39; the fifth registrant (and everyone after) pays $34, and the initial four members are refunded $5. And, this is all automatic – no work for you after the quick and easy set-up.

Strategize Now for 2022

With just a month left of 2021, it’s a critical time to evaluate your programs from the year and learn what worked, what didn’t work, and how you can improve your programs the following year. Most importantly, evaluate your data to learn how much you raised this year, how those dollars impacted your mission, and who your most loyal supporters are (e.g., contributed over $X threshold, started their own fundraising campaigns, signed up for fundraising events, volunteered at fundraising events). 

Speaking of data, with GiveSignup | RunSignup’s robust reporting tool, you have the ease of pulling important data about fundraising events, donation websites, donation forms, and fundraising campaigns, which gives you and your team full visibility into your organization, its fundraising, and its impact. 

By understanding your programs’ performance from the year, you can begin to decide which existing programs and new programs you want to include in next year’s fundraising strategy. However, if you already have your Q1 plans in place, the start of the new year is the optimal time to share what’s in your program pipeline. 

With our free email marketing tool, you can schedule an email to go to your most loyal supporters on January 1, 2022. Within this email, include the progress you’ve made in 2021, how much they’ve contributed to your community impact, and how much their support means to your organization and the people or animals you serve. Also take this opportunity to tell your supporters about all of your upcoming fundraising events and campaigns — and ask them to save the dates! This ensures that your organization remains top of mind going into the new year, getting your supporters prepped and excited about all the wonderful things your nonprofit is doing and is going to do. 

For your upcoming year-end fundraising campaign, GiveSignup | RunSignup’s purpose-built technology can help elevate your fundraising with a next-generation email marketing platform, along with access to free tools to build simple and easy-to-use donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns. Click here to learn more.

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