Event Display Options Now Available for Ticket Events

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Your GiveSignup ticket event website can now display additional customization through our Event Display Options feature. This allows you to add special highlights and more detailed descriptions of your tickets within the event tile and through the ticket purchase form. In this blog, we will cover how to configure event display options settings for both simple and advanced tickets.

Simple Tickets

First, what are simple tickets? If your ticket event is offering one or a couple of ticket purchase options that do not require any organization into groups or categories, we would consider these to be simple tickets. For example, you are hosting a gala with two tickets: general admission and VIP. All ticket events are simple ticket events unless you upgrade to advanced tickets under Tickets >> Advanced Tickets in the dashboard.

To start, you will navigate to your ticket settings under Tickets >> Setup.

For the ticket you want to modify, you will click on the down arrow to expand the dropdown menu and select Display Options.

You will see three areas in which you can add text to customize the way your ticket displays: Event Tile Highlight, Event Tile Description, and Ticket Purchase Path Description.

Event Tile Highlight

Adding text to the event tile highlight will attach a banner on top of your event ticket tile, utilizing a contrasting color from your branding configuration. Our platform automatically selects the optimal color for maximum impact. (Note that you can add up to 200 characters, but pros keep it short and sweet!)

Reminder: You can adjust the colors of your ticket event website in addition to other branding elements, like your logo and banner image, under Event >> Event Page >> Event Theme.

Event Tile Description

Within the event ticket tile itself is a space that defaults to the date and time of the next price increase but can be replaced with custom text. Use our editor to format the text size and style, and even add hyperlinks. Custom HTML is also available for those comfortable with using this advanced feature.

Keeping this copy concise is important to focus on key information that can motivate or incentivize a potential buyer to move forward. Many nonprofits use this opportunity to describe the most compelling perks included with the ticket purchase.

Ticket Purchase Path Description

The third customization possible within Event Display Options shows on the ticket purchase screen. That is triggered when a buyer clicks on the Sign Up button at the top right-hand corner of your event website.

Reminder: The default text for the button, Sign Up, can be replaced with text of your choice such as Buy Tickets or Purchase under Event >> Event Page >> Event Theme.

It will appear to the side or the bottom of the ticket depending on the amount of text entered.

Advanced Tickets

Events with multiple sessions within a day and/or with multiple days are considered to be advanced ticket events. An example would be a three-day neighborhood beer tasting festival with three tasting sessions per day. Organizing tickets within groups is helpful for advanced tickets to simplify and ease the purchase decision and process. The event display options for advanced tickets will be modified at the ticket group level under Tickets >> Ticket Groups.

(Note: When using advanced tickets, the customizations for Group Highlight and Event Tile Description are only available at the ticket group level and not by each ticket within the group. This means that the customizations you make in these two locations will appear for all tickets within the ticket group.)

For each ticket group you want to configure, you will click on the down arrow to expand the dropdown menu of administrative settings.

On the following screen, you can update the text that will appear in a highlight banner on top of the event tile in the “Group Highlight” field and the text that appears inside the event ticket tile in the “Event Tile Description” field for the ticket group.

While Group Highlight and Event Tile Description are not available at the individual ticket level when using advanced tickets, you can customize the purchase path text for each ticket within a group. If you scroll down on the same event display options page above (where you updated the “Group Highlight” and “Event Tile Description” fields), you will see an editable “Ticket Purchase Path Description” text box for each ticket within the group.


Building off recent releases like our free website builder and free email marketing tool, Event Display Options offer additional creative and helpful ways to direct ticket purchasers to timely and relevant information. It improves flexibility by giving nonprofits the ability to add additional context to tickets that motivate supporters to help your organization sell and raise more.

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