How to Effectively Incentivize Fundraising This Year-End

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Year-end is quickly approaching, which means nonprofits should have all of their fundraising plans finalized and ready to launch in November. Once your organization reveals its year-end campaign and pushes it out to the public, know that other organizations in your local community are doing the same. So, how are you ensuring that your organization and its year-end campaign stands out from the rest?

This year-end, take your campaign above the rest by going beyond just asking people to donate to your cause. Instead, ask them to donate and take immediate action with your organization to make an even bigger difference — by spreading awareness through their networks, fundraising online or in-person, or volunteering at a fundraising event. 

On top of valuable fundraising and marketing tools to help you drive giving this year — like email marketing, donation websites, and donation forms — GiveSignup | RunSignup also has engaging social tools that will help you incentivize your most loyal supporters to fundraise for your campaign this year-end. 

Read on to learn more about how to incentivize your supporters to fundraise now through altruistic, gamified experiences. 

Excite Fundraisers With Unique Milestones & Badges

Every fundraiser should set an attainable fundraising goal. A great way to encourage fundraisers to hit those goals is by adding milestones, and then giving them a badge when each milestone is completed. A milestone for both fundraisers and event participants can be getting halfway to their goal (e.g., raising $500 or running five miles). GiveSignup | RunSignup also offers customizable milestones and badges for virtual challenges that allow nonprofits to track their participant progress. 

When you award badges to your fundraisers for reaching milestones, GiveSignup | RunSignup now lets you display those unique badges in an achievements showcase on the fundraiser’s fundraising page within GiveSignup’s fundraising campaigns. Who doesn’t want to show off their achievements?

Plus, before badges are earned, fundraisers can view upcoming badges that they can achieve — giving them an extra incentive to hit those milestones. 

In addition to giving participants badges for each milestone achieved, nonprofits can even award them milestone certificates. For fundraisers, we offer nonprofits the ability to celebrate milestones with confetti notifications every time a participant hits a fundraising milestone.

Offer Fundraiser Rewards

People love getting rewarded for their hard work. And with GiveSignup | RunSignup registration event websites, you can give back to your most driven fundraisers! When you offer your event attendees the opportunity to fundraise for your upcoming year-end fundraising event, you can incentivize and reward these hard-working fundraisers for surpassing their fundraising goals by automatically giving them a refund of their registration fee when they hit a set goal. For example, if you want fundraisers to raise more than $500, GiveSignup | RunSignup lets you set up an automated refund reward of their registration fee when they raise $500.

Another way to give back to your fundraisers is through team discounts. Team fundraisers raise more for your organization, and these people are more encouraged to be stronger advocates for your cause when they are a part of a team of like-minded people who are also trying to raise more. In fact, our data tells us that 30% of participants join teams when they are available. 

GiveSignup | RunSignup lets you automate discounts for anyone on a team that hits a certain size, further encouraging fundraisers to join teams. For example, let’s say regular registration for your fundraising event is $39. To promote team fundraisers, your nonprofit is offering a $5 discount for members of groups of more than five. With our automated discounts, the first four registrants pay $39; the fifth registrant (and everyone after) pays $34, and the initial four members are refunded $5.

Activate More Fundraising With Impact Reports

Your fundraisers will feel the urge to fundraise more for your organization when they know that you are actively putting the dollars raised toward your mission. That’s why it is important for your nonprofit to create quarterly impact reports. These reports should include important metrics that show your constituents how the funds raised are going toward important causes, along with compelling stories that paint the picture of who is benefitting from your hard work.

To make it even easier for your nonprofit to build quality impact reports, GiveSignup | RunSignup has a robust reporting tool that helps you pull important impact metrics from fundraising events, donation websites, donation forms, and fundraising campaigns — giving your supporters visibility into your organization, its fundraising, and its impact.  

For example, to drive people to fundraise and give to your campaign this year-end, send an email series weekly from November to December that gives your supporters impact updates (e.g., served 1,000 people with clean water in November). Don’t forget to also include a compelling story of someone who benefitted from your services (e.g., a young mother who can now provide clean drinking water to her family). 

With GiveSignup | RunSignup, you now have access to our next-generation email marketing tool that you can use to send impact reports from your donation websites, donation forms, and ticket events. Plus, as a nonprofit, access to our suite of fundraising tools, including email marketing, is completely FREE. 

Directly Recognize Your Top Fundraisers in Your Communications

While fundraising for your year-end campaign brings genuine joy and fulfillment to your most loyal supporters, they also really appreciate recognition for their hard work. By recognizing your top fundraisers, you’re acknowledging the work that they’re doing for your organization and driving them to fundraise even more for your campaign. A few simple ways you can recognize your fundraisers are: 

  • Through a private piece of communication. If you think your fundraiser prefers private recognition for their work, send them a handwritten thank-you letter or an email that includes how much of a difference they’ve made within your organization. If the person is a mega-fundraiser, you can showcase even further with a thank-you package that includes branded swag and free registration to your next fundraising event. 
  • On social media or in your e-newsletter. Share your fundraisers’ hard work on social media and/or in your e-newsletter with your community. They’ll receive public recognition for their fundraising, which will make them feel good about themselves. 
  • On your year-end fundraising event website. Make a tribute page just for your top fundraisers on your event website. This not only makes people feel good about fundraising, but it also promotes a little friendly competition and encourages people to fundraise even more to land at the top of the leaderboard. As an example, check out National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association’s Walk for Talk, which had impressive individual fundraisers and team fundraisers. 

For your upcoming GivingTuesday and year-end fundraising campaigns, GiveSignup | RunSignup’s purpose-built technology can help elevate your fundraising with a next-generation email marketing platform, along with access to free tools to build simple and easy-to-use donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns. Click here to learn more.

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