Custom Website Footers for Ticket Events are Live

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You can now add a custom footer to your ticket event website. Within your footer, you can include additional information, such as additional links, an address, Tax ID number, or email contact for your website visitors. Organizers benefit in ensuring key information is repeated on all viewable pages of your GiveSignup ticket event website and fosters a consistent look and feel to your site.

To add content to your website footer, navigate to Event >> Basic Info on your Ticket Event Website Dashboard.

Scroll down toward the bottom of the Basic Info page. You will note that you have many options to format the content similar to the rich text options in other customizable content on our platform.

You even have the ability to insert or edit custom html (for those comfortable with this advanced feature).

The footer can be edited at any time and will update immediately to reflect any relevant changes to the content you have hosted here.

Special Note: You are limited to 350 characters including any links.

Mobile View of Footer

Adding Custom Website Footers is another way you can customize your Ticket Event Website to feature your content, your brand, and your messaging. It’s just one of many powerful features available from GiveSignup’s FREE website tool.

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