Map Out Your Donor Journey to Raise More This GivingTuesday

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As November 30 inches closer and closer, your nonprofit is likely evaluating its GivingTuesday program to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before the big launch. In your program evaluation, have you considered looking at your GivingTuesday campaign through the donor’s eyes?

You still have time to review your GivingTuesday campaign to make sure you’re hitting donors with all the right touchpoints: email, social media, donation website, donation form, and fundraiser campaign. Including the right combination of these touchpoints in your GivingTuesday strategy will help your organization stand out from the crowd, better engage donors, and increase fundraising revenue.

To help you plan your donor journey this GivingTuesday, we created this useful infographic, which you can download for free in the link below.

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