Non-Financial Access for Ticket Events

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You can now give team members and volunteers access to your Ticket Event Dashboard without giving them access to financials. This improves the productivity of your team (both internal and external members) while maintaining the security of your organization’s financial information.

What is non-financial access?

First, we’ll cover what “non-financial access” means. Users with this type of access will be able to customize settings, edit your ticket website, run reports on ticket purchasers and ticket holders, send emails, and more. However, the “Financial” tab on the menu will be removed.

They will not be able to view or edit information including payment account settings, processing fees set-up, coupons, extra fees, or chargebacks and reserves. They will also not be able to run or view reports on transactions, refunds, or payments made to your payment account.

We’ll now walk through how to grant access and view who currently has access.

Dashboard Location

From your ticket website dashboard, go to Event >> Secure Access >> Secure Access.

Add Access

Scroll down to the section entitled “Add Non-Financial Access.” and enter first name, last name, and email address for the person you want to give access to.

Enter first name, last name, and email address for the person you want to give access to and click “Save Settings.” Note that at this time, the user must already have an existing GiveSignup | RunSignup account, which they can create for free here.

View Who Has Access

You’ll now see the person you have added listed as those who have non-financial access

Delete Access

Removing access is easy. Simply click the checkbox under the “DELETE” column for the person you’d like to remove access for.

What’s Coming Next

We will continue to add more types of access for you to customize the capabilities for different team members and outside parties to view and download reports that are relevant to their roles. Coming next in 2022 will be the ability to save reports and invite members of your team to view the report, with different options for view-only access and data download access.

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