3 Ways to Engage Donors This Year-End Beyond the Ask

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As you begin launching your year-end giving campaign, it’s important to diversify your communications with your donors. Because donors are becoming inundated with email appeals from various nonprofits throughout the community, set your organization apart from the rest by including non-ask emails within your communications strategy this year-end. 

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Read on to learn how you can better engage your donors through non-ask communications this year-end. 

1. Share Client Stories

You have a great mission, of course, but don’t forget that your donors want to know whose lives they could be impacting. An effective way to inform them is through descriptive storytelling. Pick a handful of clients who have benefitted from your services, and highlight their stories to your supporters throughout the rest of the year. 

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect people to your mission. You’re putting them in the shoes of the people and animals you serve, so your supporters understand, in a hyper-descriptive way, how a little goes such a long way for your clients. Within our new email tool, you have the ability to insert photos, links, and calls to action that will enhance your stories and their impact.

People will appreciate learning more about the clients whom you serve, and by learning firsthand about how their contributions have impacted someone else’s life, they will be encouraged to contribute more frequently in the future. 

2. Thank Donors for Their Support

You have a robust database. Now, let’s put it to good use! Sift through your valuable data, and identify those who have donated to your organization this year. We’re sure you’ve thanked them in the past, but take this opportunity to thank them again for their support, explain how your organization couldn’t have made this impact without their support, and share additional details about your year-end fundraising efforts — upcoming campaigns and fundraising events they can take part of in non-donating ways (e.g., as a volunteer or as an attendee).  

Our free email marketing tool enables you to create a simple and easy-to-read email that you can create in no time, further engaging your donors this holiday season. You can even personalize the salutation and include their previous giving levels by adding custom data placeholders, which are perfect for sending thank-you emails to your generous donors! 

3. Update Donors on Your Fundraising Progress

Today’s donors are looking for better reasons to give to a cause, and they’re looking beyond just a good cause to give to. They want to give to an organization with both a worthy cause and actionable steps, which means they want to know what you’re doing with your fundraising dollars. What action steps are you taking with those fundraising dollars, and how are you making a difference in the world (e.g., $50 will provide 25 meals for those in need)?

This year-end, add update emails into your communications strategy, and share how much money you’ve raised this year-end and what you will be able to accomplish toward your mission with those dollars. This type of transparent communication will raise more awareness about your nonprofit’s mission. Plus, if people are touched by your mission and the difference that your organization is making, they might even find other ways to give or even fundraise for your year-end campaign! 

With GiveSignup | RunSignup’s email marketing platform, along with access to free tools to build simple and easy-to-use fundraising events and campaigns, your nonprofit can take donor engagement to the next level this year-end season. Click here to learn more.

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