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Introducing Achievements: Milestones & Badges for GiveSignup Fundraising Campaigns

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We’re excited to introduce Achievements to GiveSignup Fundraising Campaigns! Your nonprofit can award badges to your fundraisers when they reach milestones, which are displayed in an Achievements showcase on their fundraising page. And now even before badges are earned, fundraisers can view upcoming badges that they can achieve. Use our default badges or upload custom badges to brand your fundraising gamification. 

To add badges to a campaign, navigate to the Milestones and Badges tab on your Campaign Dashboard.

Select a Milestone Type. Right now, we only have Amount Raised available. Over time we will add additional Milestone Types (i.e. Number of Donors, Facebook Fundraiser enabled, etc.). Next add a Milestone Label. This will show when hovering over a badge.

Add an Amount Raised. This is the dollar amount raised when the badge will show. These badges can be awarded beyond the fundraising goal to encourage fundraisers to raise more. Finally, choose a Badge Type. We offer several default badges that you can choose from that will feature that Amount Raised. You can also upload a custom badge. Note that custom badges do not automatically incorporate Amount Raised (although you can feature a dollar amount in your design). We recommend an image size of 200 px x 200 px, and using Canva to help with designs.

What’s Coming Next?

We will be bringing Achievements to registration so that peer to peer fundraising events can also use these new milestones and badges. We will also be adding a trophy case page and additional milestone types (i.e. Number of donors, Facebook Fundraiser enabled, etc.). Achievements are a great way to reward and celebrate your fundraisers’ progress, encouraging engagement and incentives throughout the fundraising journey.

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