4 Types of Donation Forms to Drive Giving This Year-End

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A minimal effort way to ensure that you’re getting your piece of the giving pie this year-end season is by setting up your donation form(s), which takes only minutes out of your day. As the busy year-end giving season rapidly approaches, your nonprofit should already be well into planning for its fundraising efforts.

There are plenty of ways you can use a donation form between now and December 31. With GiveSignup | RunSignup, your nonprofit is able to create simple, campaign-specific donation forms that can be personalized to reflect your brand, your messaging, and your domain. Plus, as a nonprofit, you have access to our entire suite of fundraising tools for free. 

Read on to learn four types of donation forms you can use now to drive your year-end fundraising. As an added bonus, we’ve included examples of effective donation forms from our nonprofits. 

1. Celebrate GivingTuesday

It’s that time of the year again when nonprofits are ramping up their fundraising efforts to promote year-end giving. GivingTuesday, happening on November 30, 2021, is the coined global day of generosity that kicks off the year-end fundraising season. Don’t miss this massive opportunity to raise much-needed funds for your mission. 

If you don’t have the time or bandwidth to pull off an intricate GivingTuesday campaign, the good thing is that you can create a simple donation form as a low-effort way to still participate and raise funds on the upcoming giving day. 

Customer Example: Pets Are Loving Support

With the option to create a free donation form with GiveSignup | RunSignup, Pets Are Loving Support created a donation form just for GivingTuesday. The donation form is simple and easy to use. PALS explains who they are, what the need is, and why the organization is raising funds. It even outlines that the nonprofit receives no municipal, state, or federal grants — emphasizing the greater need for funds from its supporters. 

On its donation form, there are multiple levels of giving that highlights how the money will be used (e.g., $50 will pay for vaccinations for one pet), giving donors an immediate impact measurement of their contribution. Plus, the organization lets the donor choose if they want to give one time or on a recurring basis — an important feature because if its mission connects with the potential donor enough, the donor will sign up to give monthly.

2. Promote Your Annual Appeal

The annual giving campaign is your nonprofit’s opportunity to engage its supporters and encourage them to give in order to meet your yearly fundraising goal. While there is no specific time of the year that these annual giving campaigns are supposed to take place, the end of the year is an optimal time to launch this campaign because it’s when giving is at its height — with people more driven to give because of the holidays. 

In your annual campaign, your appeal letter is sent to all active donors in your database. It might be a good time to reevaluate your email lists to ensure that they are clean and up to date, so the data you have on your donors is ready to go when it comes time to send out your annual appeal. 

Customer Example: Sally Stretch Keen Memorial Library

Take a look at this annual appeal donation form from Sally Stretch Keen Memorial Library. The donation form explains why the Library was created and how much it means to its community, encouraging people who understand that the Library is more than “just books” to donate to its annual appeal so that the Library, “where people of Southhampton come together and feel a sense of community,” can continue to make a difference. 

On the donation form, it includes five giving levels, or a donor can customize the amount they want to give, along with the option to give one time or on a recurring basis. Additionally, the organization offers donors the opportunity to dedicate their donation to someone. E-cards help your nonprofit personalize the donor experience by allowing your donors to send their loved ones custom e-cards, letting them know that a donation was given to your organization on their behalf. This also encourages your donors to give more frequently as a meaningful way to honor and celebrate friends and family. 

3. Inform People About Your Overall Mission

If your nonprofit doesn’t have the time or resources to commit to a detailed fundraising campaign this year-end, remember that it takes minutes to create a simple donation form that just focuses on your mission. With a unique donation form that highlights your nonprofit, you can still participate in GivingTuesday and year-end without too much of the heavy lifting. 

Once you have your donation form set up, it’s effortless to share that donation form on your nonprofit’s website, include a link in your email communications, and quickly send it to your followers on social media. Taking the time to create your donation form is a low-effort way to reap high reward this year-end. 

Customer Example: Madison Festivals

Madison Festivals is a nonprofit organization that brings together people, businesses, and charities through world-class events that positively impact the community. On its donation form, it shares additional information about the organization and its initiatives, emphasizes that 100% of the proceeds received through the donation form are donated to Dane County nonprofits, and includes a link to all of its charity partners.

4. Highlight a Specific Cause

Instead of creating a donation form that just highlights your organization’s mission, you can take it a step further by customizing the form to be cause specific this year-end giving season. This takes a little more effort by identifying your leading cause areas and adding them to your donation form. 

Customer Example: The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado

For example, The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado created this donation form to share its critical mission of providing educational opportunities, programs, and services for people living with epilepsy, and explains why the organization needs your gift today. For extra exclusivity and connection to the nonprofit, the organization even encourages the potential donor to join its monthly giving program, Purple Circle, which is only $26 a month. 

After selecting how much you want to give to The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado, it asks which cause you want your funds to go toward and shares additional information about each cause area, further empowering people to give today. 

For your upcoming GivingTuesday and year-end fundraising campaigns, GiveSignup | RunSignup’s purpose-built technology can help elevate your fundraising with a next-generation email marketing platform, along with access to free tools to build simple and easy-to-use donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns. Click here to learn more.


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