Webinar Round-Up: Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More for GivingTuesday

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Welcome to GiveSignup | RunSignup’s “Level Up Your Year-End Fundraising Webinar Series.” In part one, Nhu Te and Johanna Goode share fundraising ideas that will help you raise more this GivingTuesday. We make it easier by explaining how you can build your GivingTuesday campaign in three ways: easy effort, mid effort, and high effort. Here is a quick recap of what you can expect to learn:

  • Why GivingTuesday: Learn more about the background behind GivingTuesday and why this giving day plays such an important role in so many nonprofits’ year-end giving strategies.
  • Easy effort: Building your GivingTuesday campaign doesn’t have to take up a lot of time and resources. Successfully set your nonprofit up to be able to participate in this important giving day by spending a little time to set up your donation form and email marketing.
  • Mid effort: Take your campaign a step further by creating a donation website just for GivingTuesday, so you can direct your supporters to a central place where they can learn more about what your organization is doing for GivingTuesday and how they can help. And don’t forget to set up e-cards, giving your supporters a way to give back on behalf of their loved ones.
  • High effort: If you want a truly rewarding GivingTuesday, take the additional time to build a full-out GivingTuesday campaign, which also includes getting your supporters involved in raising money for your campaign and setting up simple fundraising events.

What is the difference between GiveSignup and RunSignup? This graphic explains it well: It’s one platform with two purpose-built solutions for all types of events.

Diagram breaking down the differences between GSU & RSU

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