10 Reasons to Use GiveSignup This GivingTuesday

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GiveSignup | RunSignup is the industry leader in fundraising technology that has helped over 10,000 nonprofits raise more than $1.3 billion. This GivingTuesday, we can help your nonprofit raise even more with free donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns. If your nonprofit is using PayPal for donations, now is the time to upgrade at no cost to GiveSignup | RunSignup for your GivingTuesday campaign. Here are 10 of the top reasons why nonprofits are switching to GiveSignup for GivingTuesday this year.

1. Promote Your GivingTuesday Campaign and Raise More With Free Email Marketing (Coming September 30, 2021)

To have a successful GivingTuesday campaign, you need to make the ask for donations, and there is no better way to do that than through email. That’s why GiveSignup is excited to launch our free and next-generation email marketing platform for this GivingTuesday. We are making it easy for you to schedule and send unlimited emails to unlimited lists of contacts — and yes, it’s all free!

Version 1 Simple Template Email
Version 2 Template Builder

With GiveSignup’s free email marketing, your nonprofit can drum up support for GivingTuesday and beyond. Schedule emails to go out in advance of GivingTuesday to announce your campaign; then send your big ask on November 30. Be sure to schedule a Thank-You Wednesday email to all of your GivingTuesday donors — GiveSignup makes that easy with active email lists that automatically update when your supporters donate.

We already have customers currently sending more than 30 million emails per month for free on our platform, and we want to make a significant step forward in what we are providing in our free platform. Our goal is to provide all of our customers a free alternative to costly email platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Learn more about our email marketing product roadmap here.

2. Feature Your Nonprofit’s Branding (and Not Paypal’s)

Your entire donor journey should feature your nonprofit’s brand and connect the donor to your mission. With GiveSignup, your donors only see your nonprofit:

  • Feature your content, your logo, and your brand colors
  • Customize donation levels and tie them to your mission
  • Bring your own domain or subdomain
  • Promote your form with custom social sharing images and text
  • Add a custom redirect button on your donation confirmation page
  • Ensure every donor receives a branded donation receipt
GiveSignup Donation Form
Donation Confirmation Page with custom redirect and your brand
Branded Donor Receipt

Compare this to PayPal donations, where the entire donor journey features PayPal instead of your nonprofit — from the URL, to the form, to the receipt. Your nonprofit also misses out on important features that reinforce your mission, explain the “Why?” of your campaign, and enhance the donor experience, like donation levels, custom messaging, and e-cards.

Paypal Donation Page featuring PayPal
Donation Confirmation Page featuring PayPal
Donor Receipt promoting PayPal

3. Enhance the Donor Experience With Custom E-Cards

Donors often make tribute donations on behalf of or in memory of friends and family. GiveSignup’s free donation forms and websites let your nonprofit enhance the donor experience with e-cards. Donors can choose a card from your nonprofit’s custom designs (or select from our default cards!), add a personalized message, and schedule when the card is sent to their friend or family member. Making a donation as a gift is easy with e-cards, and can encourage your supporters to donate more frequently as a meaningful way to honor and celebrate friends and family.

It’s easy and free to create custom e-card designs with Canva. Check out our tips on how to optimize your nonprofit’s donation e-cards.

4. Offer Flexible One-Time and Recurring Giving Options

GivingTuesday is the perfect time to recruit and renew recurring donors, ensuring a steady revenue stream for 2022 and beyond. Your nonprofit can choose between one and four frequencies for donors to choose from: one-time, monthly, quarterly, and annual.

GiveSignup also helps you gain and retain new recurring donors with an easy interface to manage recurring donations, including editing the donation amount, updating credit card information, and ending a recurring donation. All of this is handled via secure email links so that your donors aren’t bothered with remembering another password. If a recurring donation fails due to a credit card issue, the donor will receive two automated notifications (that your nonprofit can customize) prompting them to update their card information. You will also be able to see that the recurring donation failed through reports in your dashboard to proactively reach out to the recurring donor and assist them in updating their donation.

5. Build a Free Website in Minutes

Want to take your GivingTuesday campaign to the next level? Design and build your own high-quality GivingTuesday donation website in minutes. Include images, video, playlists, call-to-action buttons, and formatted text on your GivingTuesday website — no coding skills needed. Add a cover page to feature data-driven components, like a live donation goal thermometer. You can learn more about the current Website Builder functionality here

The next phase of the Website Builder that will be released in the coming weeks is pages and menus. We’ll also have a new component that lets you feature a photo slideshow on your website.

We will continue to invest in making more improvements and feature additions to our free websites — stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

6. Create Free DIY and Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

If you are looking to empower supporters to create GivingTuesday fundraisers, you can create a GivingTuesday fundraising campaign for free with GiveSignup. Customize your page with beautiful slideshows, and set default slideshows for your fundraisers’ pages.

Use our new and free email marketing to encourage supporters to create a fundraiser for GivingTuesday. Then, gamify they fundraising experience with our new milestones and badges (coming soon!). Fundraisers will be able to earn your nonprofit’s custom badges as they raise money, featured in a trophy case on their page.

7. Empower Fundraisers With the Free GiveSignup Facebook Fundraiser Integration

The free GiveSignup Facebook Fundraiser integration is the best way to make your fundraisers successful. Campaigns that enabled the free GiveSignup | RunSignup Facebook Fundraiser integration this year have 24% of donations coming from Facebook, compared to just 6.8% in 2019. When you create your fundraising campaign on GiveSignup, your nonprofit will get all of your fundraisers’ data while allowing them to seamlessly create a connected Facebook Fundraiser to raise money across both platforms — all for free! It’s simple to enable the free GiveSignup Facebook Fundraiser integration for your nonprofit by entering your Facebook page URL.

8. Embed Donation Forms Directly Into Your Website (Coming in October, 2021)

We posted back in 2019 and 2020 that modern browsers, like Safari and Chrome, no longer supported session tracking. As a result, we deprecated our widgets that customers previously used to embed registration and other components into their own websites. We simultaneously made significant investments in free websites — including cover pages and free domain/subdomain hosting. More recently, we’ve released a first version of our new Website Builder, making it simple to add and manage content to your website (more about that below).

We also recognize that some nonprofits that have invested in their own website may not be ready to make the switch to GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free websites. Our new embeddable donation form code is a safe and secure way to host a GiveSignup donation form on your website because it is sessionless (i.e., it does not store cookies). Your nonprofit can use all of the great GiveSignup donation form features, like flexible recurring giving options, e-cards, attribution, custom donation levels, branded receipts, and more!

In addition to adding a short HTML code that you can copy and paste into any website, we’ve added a specific shortcode for WordPress, and GiveSignup will be accessible as a widget from WordPress. 

9. Use One Login and One Payment Account

Keep everything simple and easy from GivingTuesday campaign setup to financial reporting by using one platform to engage supporters and raise money. If you are already a GiveSignup | RunSignup customer, you’ll be able to use your existing login to create your GivingTuesday campaign and link your current payment account — we’ve made this even easier with Single Sign On.

Integrated financial reporting is one of the key advantages of GiveSignup | RunSignup’s unique payment facilitator model. GiveSignup’s financial reporting makes it simple for nonprofits with restricted funds and complex accounting needs to add internal accounting codes that ensure your GivingTuesday funds are separated from your fundraising event revenue in your financial reporting. We’ve also added a full funds transfer reconciliation report so that your finance team can view transactions, refunds, and adjustments across all campaigns and events in a single report. GiveSignup | RunSignup is able to deliver low-cost processing fees, new features, and integrated and reliable financial reporting to help our customers save money, raise money, and save time.

10. Everything Is FREE

The most commonly used word in the post is “free” — and we mean it! With GiveSignup | RunSignup, there are no setup fees, no subscription fees, and no upgrade fees. All of the features, including free websites, free email marketing, free Facebook Fundraiser integration, and more are available to every nonprofit raising money on GiveSignup | RunSignup for free. We only charge a 4% transaction fee on donations, which you can pass on or give your donors the option to cover so that your nonprofit gets free websites, free email marketing, free Facebook Fundraiser integration, and more at no cost!

11. Bonus Reason – Easy to Get Started

There are two ways to get started – self-serve or have us help!


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