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Converting Your One-Time Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers Into Super Supporters

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Your nonprofit works endlessly to make a notable difference in its community. No matter what purpose you serve, your supporters are the reason you are able to make strides toward achieving your overall mission. Beyond supporting your organization through making donations, a dedicated supporter will become a peer-to-peer fundraiser if they feel a strong connection to your organization, further elevating your mission. 

Peer-to-peer fundraisers are supporters who fundraise on behalf of your organization through spreading awareness to their networks, whether online or face-to-face, traditionally tied to an upcoming campaign or fundraising event. With GiveSignup | RunSignup, we offer a plethora of social marketing tools to make it fun and simple for your supporters to engage and raise more with your organization.

When a supporter decides to become a peer-to-peer fundraiser for your campaign or event, they are walking the extra mile to help your nonprofit meet its goals. While having donors make significant contributions to your cause should still be valued and appreciated, your recurring peer-to-peer fundraisers are the people who spread the word about your organization, raise money for your cause, and get more people to become more involved. 

It’s critical that a first-time peer-to-peer fundraiser continues to have a positive experience with your organization so you can retain them in the long term. Read on to learn how your nonprofit can put its best foot forward and transform one-time peer-to-peer fundraisers into super supporters. 

Share Your Why & How

Your mission is important, and your organization is doing life-changing work. But a good mission is no longer enough of an incentive for people to feel the desire to support your nonprofit. And that’s because there are more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. — many of which have similar missions as yours. In our vast competitive market of nonprofits, you must have a strong fundraising and marketing strategy, as well as a robust technology stack, in place to show your supporters not only why your mission matters, but how your organization is affecting impactful change and what makes it unique from others. 

With GiveSignup | RunSignup, your nonprofit can create a free website for any of its fundraising campaigns and ticket events. The best part is that you don’t need to be a web design expert to create a professionally designed website. With a simple website builder that is equipped with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool, you can add custom content sections, like images, videos, playlists, call-to-action buttons, and so much more. 

With the time and resources you save by employing an effective website-building tool, you can put more effort into creating content that makes your nonprofit stand out — explain the importance of your mission, take the time to craft compelling stories about the people and animals you serve, and best of all, share with people how much impact you’ve made with the money you’ve raised. All of this will showcase to existing and potential supporters why your mission matters and how they can take part in the change.

Offer Flexible Fundraiser Options

Your supporters come in all shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds, interests, preferences, and engagement levels. Because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all fundraising model that will work for everyone. Giving your supporters options so that they can choose when to fundraise and how will appeal to more people and might even get them to spend more time fundraising for your important cause. 

GiveSignup | RunSignup gives your supporters the power to create their own fundraising pages that are connected to your campaign website. With the option of setting their own dates for their fundraiser, you’re igniting your peer-to-peer fundraisers to fundraise on their own terms. And you can ensure your brand’s identity reflects in each peer-to-peer fundraiser by uploading your own logo that will be displayed on each fundraiser. That way, your fundraisers are promoting your brand, increasing your nonprofit’s awareness, and bringing new supporters into your community. 

To ensure your fundraisers get credit for donations, GiveSignup | RunSignup enables your nonprofit to require that campaign donors select a fundraiser when making a donation. This ensures that every dollar donated to a campaign counts toward a fundraiser’s goal and eliminates any manual work for your nonprofit to assign donations to the correct fundraiser.

As an added bonus, you can take advantage of our simple Facebook Fundraiser integration, which can all be set up on the same day. This lets your peer-to-peer fundraisers create Facebook Fundraisers connected to your campaign website, further reaching more donors and raising more money. Plus, GiveSignup | RunSignup gives you extensive data from your campaign websites and connected fundraisers. 

Increase Supporter Engagement

Like any healthy relationship, if you want a stronger bond with your supporters, you need to put in the effort to grow that relationship over time. As we previously mentioned above, make sure you’re keeping supporters in the loop about your progress toward your mission. They want to see how their contributions — from donations to fundraising — are making a difference in your work, so make sure you’re sharing impact reports with them that include key metrics. This is why you should be investing in a powerful data and analytics tool. GiveSignup | RunSignup gives you access to a variety of data reports. In addition to general participant reports, donation reports, and marketing reports, you also have access to campaign-specific data, such as page views, signups, transactions, registration, and more.

Additionally, your supporters also want to see regular updates, so make sure you’re sharing good stories of the people or animals you serve. This encourages more engagement from your supporters, transforming them from single peer-to-peer fundraisers into your dedicated super supporters! For example, The Jackie Pang Fund is a nonprofit with a mission to support Frontotemporal Degeneration research and families facing an FTD diagnosis. On its donation website, in addition to sharing the story of Jackie Pang, it also shares that the nonprofit awarded 15 New Teacher Grants in 2020 to help educators defray the expense of setting up a new classroom in South Brunswick Elementary Schools and thanked its generous donors for their support. While those who contribute to your organization feel good about their generosity, this type of communication further drives them to support your cause because they know how their funds are being used. 

For those who have an upcoming fundraising event, an effective way to further engage supporters and entice them to share your event with their networks is by incentivizing fundraising with rewards. With GiveSignup | RunSignup, you can offer fundraiser refunds once event registrants hit a certain fundraising threshold — a dollar amount up to what they paid for event registration. Additionally, you can also incentivize fundraisers with milestones and badges once they reach certain fundraising thresholds.

GiveSignup | RunSignup has a whole suite of technology solutions to help you cultivate your peer-to-peer fundraisers, transforming them from one-time fundraisers into long-term super supporters. Get in touch today to learn more about our other tools, including social marketing, email marketing, and more. 


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