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You can now customize fundraiser notifications for each campaign on GiveSignup | RunSignup. There are two new notifications automatically enabled for each of your campaigns:

  • Fundraiser Created: This notification sends to the fundraiser when they create their fundraising page.
  • Donation Made: Customize the donation receipt per individual campaign.

The notifications have default messaging and links, as shown in the example Fundraiser Created notification below. Your nonprofit can add further customizations to the notifications per campaign, such as fundraising coaching tips or campaign-specific messaging, to automate your outreach to your fundraisers and feature your mission.

To view, edit and test your campaign’s notifications, navigate to your campaign and click Notifications. Note that if you have multiple campaigns set up, each campaign will have its own notifications when you click in to edit a campaign.

When you click into a notification, there are default tags that pull in information from the fundraiser’s page or the donation receipt (your nonprofit’s name, address, tax ID and donation amount). There are also additional tags that you can choose to include in your notification.

You are able to add a custom subject line and additional text to each notification. In the example below, I’ve included more content about the impact that a fundraiser has for The Food Bank, as well as a custom subject line.

After saving any updates made to notifications, you can test the notification at the bottom of the page by entering your email. Please note that the test email does not include real data and will send with generic placeholders. When fundraisers are created, these placeholders will be replaced with the fundraiser’s data.

GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free fundraising campaigns enable your nonprofit to automatically feature your brand, your mission and your content throughout every touchpoint with fundraisers and donors, including donation receipts and fundraiser notifications.

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