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Fundraiser Donation Options

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Your nonprofit can now require that all campaign donors must select a fundraiser when making a donation. This ensures that every dollar donated to a campaign counts toward a fundraiser’s goal and eliminates any manual work for your nonprofit to assign donations to the correct fundraiser.

By default, this option is off to allow any donor to donate to the campaign and/or a specific fundraiser. To require fundraiser selection for donations made to a campaign, navigate to your campaign’s settings page. Click General Settings. Check the setting to enable the Fundraiser Donation Requirement.

When this setting is enabled, there will be a default message on your fundraising page to notify donors that they must select a fundraiser. We made this even easier with a fundraiser search bar that allows a donor to pull up a specific page by fundraiser or page name.

GiveSignup’s free fundraising campaigns give your nonprofit creative ways to encourage peer-to-peer and DIY fundraising, and we continue to add new features that give your nonprofit even more flexibility and options to customize your donor and fundraiser experience. From custom URLs and branding to free Facebook Fundraiser integration and flexible display options, GiveSignup’s free fundraising campaigns engage supporters and raise money and awareness for your cause.

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