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Ticket Event Wizard Update

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We are excited to introduce a simple ticket wizard that makes it easy and quick for nonprofits to set up their events and start selling tickets to raise more and engage supporters through fundraising events. 

This isn’t the first time that we have updated our Ticket Wizard (Version 1 was a little too complicated and Version 2 was a little too simple). Our company views continuous improvement as both a core cultural value and technical foundation. We try to develop good technology solutions for customers, but they are never perfect. We learn from the feedback, and then make improvements. We’ve built a high-availability platform that allows us to deliver on this continuous improvement (we are currently on track for more than 2,400 releases this year!), and that lets us iterate quickly as we get customer feedback — including this newest release of an improved Ticket Wizard.

The new Ticket Wizard lets you set up simple tickets in less than five minutes with the option to enable advanced tickets from the dashboard for complex and multi-day events that need more features, like ticket groups and advanced caps.

To demonstrate how to use the new Ticket Wizard, this blog walks through the steps to set up an apple festival ticket event in two ways:

  • Simple Ticket Event: Adult and Child ticket options
  • Advanced or Multi-Day Ticket Event: Friday, Saturday and Sunday tickets, each with Adult and Child ticket options

Simple Ticket Setup 

Ticket Wizard >> 2. Tickets

After completing the first step of the Ticket Wizard, you will be able to enter your ticket options. There are several simple options to add tickets, purchase periods and pricing: 

  • Ticket Name: Enter the name of the ticket. In this example, “Adult” and “Child” are ticket names.
  • Purchase Periods and Price: Purchase periods determine the dates when attendees can buy tickets and at what price.
    • Add Another Purchase Period: Each ticket can have one or multiple purchase periods. Click the orange “Add Another Purchase Period” button to create another purchase period. This is useful for setting up price increases, which can be a strong call-to-action to buy tickets.
  • Add Ticket: Add additional ticket options with their own names, pricing and purchase periods.
  • More Options: To the right of the ticket, you can easily delete a ticket (trash can) or rearrange the order of tickets (up and down arrows).

You can edit, add and delete tickets from the Ticket Dashboard after completing the wizard. Click Save and Continue when you are ready to move onto the next step to link or create your payment account

Tickets >> Setup

From your Ticket Event Dashboard, you can edit, add and delete tickets by navigating to Tickets >> Setup. This looks the same as the Ticket Wizard with one difference: ticket discount pricing.

If you want to offer purchasers a discount when they buy a certain number of tickets. For example, you might choose to sell tickets for $10, but discount them to $8.50 if someone buys five or more Adult tickets in a purchase, as illustrated below.

You can import tickets, set caps, update information collection fields, add custom questions and more. You also have the option to enable Advanced Tickets at any time. The next section describes how to use Advanced Tickets.

Advanced Ticket Setup

Ticket Wizard >> 2. Tickets

When setting up an advanced or multi-day ticket event, you can enter your ticket groups (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the wizard. You’ll be able to add ticket options (Adult, Child) from the Ticket Dashboard.

Tickets >> Advanced Tickets

From the Ticket Event Dashboard, navigate to Tickets >> Advanced Tickets. You can enable Advanced Tickets to create Ticket Groups with multiple ticket options.

After enabling Advanced Tickets, you can edit Ticket Groups. First, edit each Ticket Group to update the Ticket Group Name. You can also add a description and dates that will appear on the ticket tile on the website.

Next add ticket options to each group by navigating to Tickets >> Setup. You will see a default ticket from the wizard. You can click in and change to your ticket option (i.e., Adult, Child) and add additional tickets to each group for your options:

Finally, add pricing to your ticket options. Navigate to Tickets >> Pricing. The purchase periods you set up in the Ticket Wizard will automatically apply to each Ticket Group. You can edit and add additional pricing adjustments:

The new Ticket Wizard gives nonprofits the ease they need for setting up a simple ticket event in minutes as well as advanced features to easily manage complex and multi-day events. GiveSignup is the only ticketing platform purpose-built for nonprofits, giving you the technology and full control to grow your event and raise more, from free websites, to social marketing tools, to integrated one-time and recurring donations. It’s easy and free to create your ticket event.

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