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Your CRM/DMS With GiveSignup — Better Together

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When GiveSignup | RunSignup began to create a set of purpose-built event management and supporter engagement tools for nonprofits, we strategically took the same open approach that we took with the endurance market. That meant low-cost event fundraising solutions, no binding contracts and open communication with our customers. It also meant an open platform with easily exportable data and an open API, making it simple for nonprofits to automate data transfers from GiveSignup | RunSignup to the other tools that they use. We know that nonprofits rely upon robust technology stacks already, and we want to make it simple to take the “Reese’s Approach” of raising more and engaging supporters with GiveSignup | RunSignup’s purpose-built event fundraising technology and integrating all of that data with CRM and DMS platforms — Better Together!

CRM and Donor Management Systems

Many nonprofits have invested a tremendous amount of money, time, effort and expertise to build a storehouse of valuable information and processes into their CRM or Donor Management System (DMS).

Nonprofit CRM and DMS platforms are purpose-built to manage and track donor relationships. Your CRM or DMS enables your nonprofit to centralize supporter data with features like custom data fields to segment data and tools like wealth insights to target large donors. The data held in these systems is accumulated over time and becomes more valuable with more information on a nonprofit’s supporters.

Your organization may get a significant amount of your annual budget from a few large donors and grants. But there are all types of constituents that your nonprofit has: volunteers, fundraisers, team captains, donors, participants, attendees, members, sponsors and more. To create and foster a true community, your nonprofit needs ways to engage and activate these supporters.

GiveSignup Event Ticketing and Fundraising for Nonprofits

GiveSignup | RunSignup creates free and purpose-built event and fundraising technology that more than 10,000 nonprofits use to activate their supporters. With our history of supporting thousands of nonprofits for their run/walk/ride fundraisers, we expanded our product set to create more ways for nonprofits to engage and activate their supporters, including a purpose-built Nonprofit Ticket Events Platform, along with advanced fundraising tools for any type of event — from galas, to festivals, to golf outings, to pancake breakfasts. A growing number of nonprofits are beginning to find our purpose-built solutions make their events more successful and easier to manage, and less expensive than previous solutions.

Bringing the Data Together

While GiveSignup is the data collection and transaction front end, the data needs to get into your nonprofit’s CRM or DMS. This is where our open approach comes in. First, all of the data in GiveSignup is easily available and exportable — so some customers just do a manual transfer of data when their event completes. However, more customers are starting to use the real-time, automated integrations that we have made available because of our open technology foundation.

Specifically, we have partnered with RegForward to offer a growing list of integrations. As of this writing, we now support real-time, automated data integration with the following platforms:

RegForward charges only $60 per month to maintain data integration and only $250 for a setup fee. Setup typically only takes a couple of days to schedule.

The data that flows from GiveSignup to your CRM includes:

  • Race participants
  • Run/walk/ride participants
  • Ticket event attendees
  • Donors
  • Fundraisers
  • Volunteers

The information includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Type of supporter
  • $ Amount (donated and/or fundraised)
  • Date
  • Custom questions
  • Fundraising goal
  • And more!

Learn More

You can learn more from these resources:

GiveSignup — The Open Alternative for Event Fundraisers

The open approach that GiveSignup takes provides easy and simple “plug and play” that’s seamless integrated with the rest of the technology stack of many nonprofits. GiveSignup’s offering is highlighted by:

  • No subscription fee
  • Full control to self-serve your event, with an easy-to-use platform and customer support
  • Free features like “Donation Discount“, “Referral Rewards“, Facebook Fundraiser Integration and more
  • Free website that puts your nonprofit brand first, including the domain
  • No commitment contract — leave us at any time
  • Continuous improvements to the platform

This provides the best of both worlds — just like peanut butter and chocolate!

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