Elevate E-Cards for Your Donations

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GiveSignup’s donations provide nonprofits a great upgrade from old PayPal donate buttons. One of the most popular features we’ve added to help nonprofits raise more and engage supporters is e-cards. Donors often make tribute donations on behalf of or in memory of friends and family. GiveSignup’s free donation websites and forms let your nonprofit enhance the donor experience with e-cards. Donors can now choose a card from your nonprofit’s custom designs, add a personalized message and schedule when the card is sent to their friend or family member.

Some nonprofits want a short and streamlined way to collect donations. By default, donation websites and forms require that donors click Dedicate my donation to someone to expand and show dedication and e-card features. That way, donors can quickly make a donation in less than a minute, and others who want more options can take their time to customize their donation and send an e-card to friends or family.

Other nonprofits want to display all of the dedication and tribute features to every donor because it’s a great way to engage supporters. We’ve added a way to elevate e-cards in your donation websites and forms so that they show to every donor.

To elevate e-cards and display them by default on your donation pages, navigate to Donations >> Donation Setup >> Tribute Information in Donation Websites or Edit Form >> Advanced Settings in Donation Forms. Enable the setting Use E-cards by Default and click Save.

Making a donation as a gift is easy with e-cards and can encourage your supporters to donate more frequently as a meaningful way to honor and celebrate friends and family. And now, it’s even easier to feature this option to your donors.

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