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MobileCause Acquired by Community Brands

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MobileCause was acquired by Community Brands on June 16, 2021. As is typical of announcements like this, there was a nice press release:

“Adding MobileCause into our dynamic portfolio will provide a new take on digital philanthropy and truly advance fundraising efforts for nonprofits and schools, regardless of their sophistication level.”

Acquisitions typically are not as wonderful as they seem in press releases. Both of these companies have a lot of overlapping functionality. They probably also have a lot of overlapping people. They probably also need to reduce expenses since MobileCause was not in a growth mode.

This means there will probably be a lack of investment in continuing to build out the technology stack that MobileCause customers are using, as well as potentially decreasing customer support.

Community Brands has had a record of making cuts in acquisition targets to reduce costs. Unfortunately, customers often bear the brunt of those issues as seen in this Reddit Thread on Community Brands Customer Service.

“When TADS was privately held, their customer service was excellent. Once CommunityBrands bought them up, service rapidly declined.”

GiveSignup | RunSignup takes a far different approach than MobileCause and Community Brands. We are an open platform with no subscription fees and no binding contracts. We focus on creating purpose-built technology solutions for our nonprofit customers and release more than 2,000 improvements to our platform each year. We only make money when our customers raise more funds with simple and transparent processing fees that your nonprofit can absorb or pass on to donors and attendees. And our fees are often lower than what customers are paying with proprietary “Call Sales” types of organizations like MobileCause/Community Brands.

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