Fundraising Events (Ep. 8): Reaching New Supporters with a Signature Event

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Episode 8 of the Fundraising Events Podcast features Jeannine Panzera of Home for Good (Henrico CASA). The nonprofit is committed to advocating for the best interests of children involved in the Henrico County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court process. Historically, they have hosted a Superhero Run and multiple high-end fundraising events, and this year they unveiled a new signature event, Home for Good, that uses custom-made playhouses as a hook for a new fundraising event focused on the mission of the organization.

It all came together really nicely, with the local community coming together to support children….Because it was open to the community and approachable to the community at $5 for a chance to win, it was a really intriguing, new event that our city had never seen before.

Jeannine Panzera

This conversation dives into the risks and benefits of re-thinking their premier fundraising event. It includes:

  • Reshaping the conversation around the nonprofit by focusing the event on positive community impact
  • Building off the success of a similar event and using lessons learned from previous iterations
  • Finding the right community partners for the event
  • The logistics of dealing with physical goods that could be won
  • Committing to an event for the next 10 years of the organization

It’s always difficult for nonprofits to figure out a way to make a splash and get some attention….Allowing us to have exposure will help us with awareness, help us gain new board members, gain new volunteers, gain new donors, gain new supporters and ambassadors and believers in what we do. That butterfly effect can really impact an entire community.

Jeannine Panzera

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