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Ticket Information Collection Fields Added to API

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We have released ticket information collection fields as a new addition to the GiveSignup Ticket Event API. This lets your nonprofit automatically sync information about your ticket holders like email, home address, phone number, and more to your CRM, DMS, or other tools your nonprofit uses. The API documentation, including sandbox, is located at or you can visit our website to request an integration with the tools that your nonprofit uses.

OpenAPIs are important for several reasons:

  • Allow secure programmatic access to your data
  • Allows third party software vendors to integrate ticket data into their applications
  • Ensures an open ecosystem of technology providers

The GiveSignup | RunSignup API is very secure and stable. It has been used for millions and millions of data transfers with dozens of applications over the past decade. We will continue to evolve it as new needs arise since we want to make it easy for you to really use the data that you own.

GiveSignup CRM Integration

The API allows CRM and Donation Management systems to easily access data from your nonprofit ticket events and bring that into your overall data management system. Of course, most nonprofits who rely on a CRM or Donation Management System will likely just begin with exporting data in spreadsheets from GiveSignup Tickets and importing it. If your volume is high, you will want to point your vendor to our API page, and we will be more than happy to help them.

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