Webinar Follow Up and Recording: Round Up– Activate Supporters Across All Your Fundraising Efforts

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In today’s webinar, Whitney and Chris went over a variety of tech tools offered by GiveSignup | RunSignup that give your nonprofit the power to activate and engage supporters across all your fundraising sources– from run/walk/rides to standalone DIY fundraising. Check out the on-demand webinar on our YouTube to get the full list of their recommendations. 

  • Your Mission First — GiveSignup gives your nonprofit the spotlight–always. You have to the tools to feature your brand, your images, your colors, and your mission.
  • Fundraising Run/Walk/Rides– Whitney and Chris talked through some fundraising tools, including the more advanced fundraising settings like fundraising minimums and emails. They also highlighted how nonprofits are using features like teams to build community, even in virtual races.
  • DIY & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising– GiveSignup offers a free DIY/P2P fundraising platform. Chris showed how current customers have had success using this platform to create a fundraising hub.
  • Expand Your Funnel — Whitney and Chris shared some best practices on using your existing loyal supporter base to engage even more people with your cause.

What is the difference between GiveSignup and RunSignup? This graphic explains it well: it’s one platform with two purpose-built solutions for all types of events.

Click to access Fundraising-411_-Round-Up_-Activate-Supporters-Across-All-Your-Fundraising-Efforts-1.pdf

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