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Having the right technology stack within your nonprofit is a critical element to the success or failure of your organization. Whether you have the GiveSignup | RunSignup Supporter Engagement System, a CRM/DMS system like Salesforce or Neon, an email marketing tool like Mailchimp, or all the above, implementing the right foundational technology into your nonprofit will help transform your organization for the better. However, without properly integrating your technology stack, your organization will struggle to operate at its optimal level. Time will be wasted manually entering and analyzing data from multiple tools and resources will be misallocated. The result of disparate systems is spending more time doing more and, ultimately, raising less.  

REGForward is the GiveSignup | RunSignup premier integration partner focused on helping our customers integrate their technology stack to unlock generosity at a maximum scale. Leading up to our “Integrate GiveSignup | RunSignup with Your CRM & Raise More” webinar with REGForward, we caught up with Joey Cutchins, President at REGForward, to hear more about how REGForward is helping GiveSignup | RunSignup customers streamline their internal operations by integrating their event fundraising tool with their CRM systems.  

If you are interested in learning more about integrating your organization’s technology stack, visit our integrations page or fill out our form to get started now.  

Interview with REGFoward 

Name & Role at REGForward. 

Joey Cutchins, President of REGForward. 

Tell us a little bit about REGForward and how it came to be. 

Our parent company, a custom software development firm (Regimen Technologies), was formed in 2002…since its founding, we have seen an ever-growing need for automation and systems integration.  

REGForward was founded on the vision of leveraging software APIs to lead that integration. We are a team of highly experienced, Microsoft Certified Developers, and API Specialists focused on assisting organizations achieve more efficiency and increased effectiveness through automation. 

When did you realize there was an overwhelming need for your services in the Nonprofit market? 

Having decades of experience with many clients from different business sectors helped us realized the importance of data, especially to non-profit organizations. Our early conversations with non-profits further proved that the ability to deliver reliable and consistent data integration with a sometimes non-technical relationship added tremendous value to their cause. 

How does the integration process work after you first connect with a Nonprofit? 

Integrations follow a standard process of discovery, field mapping, testing, and implementation. 

How long does the integration process usually take? 

A typical integration takes about a week, the technical aspects are not that time consuming, we just prefer to put a great deal of focus on testing. We want to ensure that your data ends up where you want it and how you want it. 

How many nonprofits have you helped integrate their tools?  

We currently have just under 30 non-profit organizations in various stages of integration, we push records every ten minutes and average between 5-10k registrations/donations per day. 

What advice would you give to nonprofits that are currently evaluating if it’s important to integrate their event management software and their CRM tool? Why should they consider this as necessary versus nice to have? 

We often hear “…we didn’t start this organization to spend so much time importing data.” We’ve seen many times that the manual importing process is mundane, occasionally prone to error, and often detracts from the organization’s ability to seize communication opportunities. 

If I were considering the idea of integration…I would evaluate the personnel costs, the impact of time delays, and the expense of mission distraction. 

At REGForward we empower organizations with data agility – enabling front of mind communications with near real-time data streams, help eliminate manual processes and improve mission focus. 

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