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Nonprofits now have the option to upload a CSV of offline ticket purchases. This makes it easy to migrate your ticket events to GiveSignup’s purpose-built ticket platform for nonprofits and import a large number of ticket purchases at one time. You don’t even need to edit your spreadsheet columns because GiveSignup automatically matches headers for you.

To import a CSV of offline ticket purchases, navigate to Tickets >> Ticket Imports. There are two options: Manual Import and CSV import. Click CSV Import.

In this example, I’m importing a file from another ticket platform. I have data for both ticket holders and the ticket purchasers as highlighted in the image below.

Drag and drop your CSV file, then press Continue.

This will take you to a column matching page. The system will auto-match the fields in your CSV to the fields in your ticket event. You can review the matches and make any updates by selecting a new field from your CSV file. Note that the Contact fields are equivalent to Ticket Purchaser or Buyer.

After you have confirmed your CSV headers match the data in GiveSignup, click Continue. You’ll be asked to confirm whether your CSV upload file contains headers. In this example, the file contains headers in the first row so I will leave this setting checked.

Finally, you’ll match the ticket names from your imported file.

Click the Import button to upload your file.

Finally, you’ll get a success message. You can navigate anywhere on the dashboard, or view the ticket purchase or ticket report. The data from your CSV file will indicate that the ticket (or purchaser) was Imported. If you imported an amount paid for offline ticket purchases, the amount will show in the Offline Payment column. If you have caps enabled for your tickets, the number of tickets remaining will be reduced by the imports.

Ticket CSV imports make it easy for nonprofits to transfer large amounts of offline ticket purchases into any GiveSignup ticket event. We will continue to add more features and functionality – next up is adding the ability to send a confirmation email to imported ticket purchasers and/or ticket holders.

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