3 Flexible Fundraising Campaign Options to Raise More

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We are excited to introduce an easy-to-use wizard that gives your nonprofit 3 free and flexible ways to create and promote your DIY and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

  • Campaign Page: Create unlimited DIY and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns in minutes. Customize your page with your branding, your content, and your images. 
  • Fundraising Website: Enable a website for any campaign by adding a cover page to feature call-to-action buttons, video, and more. 
  • Campaign Hub: Upgrade to a full donation website to feature multiple campaigns on a single website (and take advantage of other donation website features like forms and E-cards).

All 3 options feature your nonprofit’s brand and give you the tools you need to raise more:

  • Feature your brand and your mission from easy-to-add slideshows to branded donation receipts.
  • Bring your own domain or subdomain and we’ll host it for free (SSL certificate included). That way your supporters’ fundraising pages are hosted on https://mynonprofitcampaign.org or https://campaign.mynonprofit.org instead of https://GiveSignup.org.
  • Enable the free GiveSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration to allow your fundraisers to create connected Facebook Fundraisers and raise more across both platforms.
  • Generate and export fundraiser and campaign reports. Want to integrate your campaign data with your CRM or DMS? Visit our integration page to learn more. 

It’s easy and free to create your fundraising campaigns: . You can enable a website or upgrade to feature multiple campaigns on a single website anytime.

How-to guide

Create a Fundraising Campaign

You can create a new campaign by clicking Create a Fundraising Campaign from GiveSignup.org.

This will bring you into the new fundraising campaign wizard. There are five simple steps to create your campaign:

  • Campaign Information: Add basic information about your campaign’s name, goal, and dates.
  • Fundraising Customization: Set a default goal, fundraising dates, and a default message that pre-populates fundraisers’ pages.
  • Donation Customization: Customize the donation page when supporters donate to a fundraisers’ page or the campaign, including messaging and custom donation levels.
  • Branding: Upload a logo and choose (or add your own) color scheme.
  • Payment: This is how we pay you! If you have an event or campaign on GiveSignup | RunSignup, link your existing payment account that you’ve already set up. If you’re a new user, you can create a payment account or send an invite to your organization’s Finance Director to set up the payment account.

Once you complete the wizard, you’ll be able to view your campaign and navigate to your campaign dashboard.

Campaign Dashboard

From your campaign dashboard, you can update campaign settings, view and export reports, enable integrations, and manage your organization settings.

  • Website options: Update your campaign page branding, bring a domain, or enable a free website.
  • Donations: Add offline donations so that campaign and fundraiser thermometers reflect all donations.
  • Reports: View and export reports for all donations and fundraisers.
  • Fundraising Campaign: Customize, update, and edit your campaign settings.
  • Integrations: Enable free integrations to raise more:
    • Free Facebook Fundraiser Integration: Allow fundraisers to create connected Facebook Fundraisers so that they can raise more across both platforms – totals and donations stay in sync.
    • Corporate Gift Match: If your nonprofit uses Double the Donation for corporate matching gifts, you can easily enable the integration here.
    • Social Sharing: Customize default social sharing text and images to feature your nonprofit’s messaging when fundraisers and donors share your campaign online.
  • Financial: View financial reports, update tax deductible info that shows on donation receipts, and edit payment settings.
  • Organization: Give access to your other team members to edit the campaign and customize automatic notifications like donation receipts.

You can also add a campaign slideshow from your campaign page.

Enable a free website

Want more than a simple campaign page? You can create a free fundraising website by navigating to Website >> Cover Page. Enable the cover page at the top of the page, then start adding your content! You can add text, images, video, and data components like a donation goal.

Upgrade to a full donation website

You can upgrade to a full donation website by navigating to the Upgrade tab on your dashboard. You’ll also have the option to create another standalone fundraising campaign (just like the one you have already created).

Upgrading to a full donation website allows you to feature multiple campaigns on the same website. This can be a great option if you are looking to create a DIY fundraising hub.

Donation websites also let your nonprofit accept both one-time and recurring donations and create unlimited donation forms.

What’s Coming Next?

GiveSignup | RunSignup is always adding new features to help nonprofits raise more and engage supporters. In 2021 we will be adding more features to fundraising campaigns including:

  • More customizable notifications
  • Free email marketing
  • Fundraiser milestones and badges
  • Fundraising Teams
  • More website features including menu items and data-driven components (i.e. Top Fundraisers)

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