Five Steps to Raise More with GiveSignup’s Free Fundraising Tools

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More than 9,000 nonprofits raise money with GiveSignup | RunSignup for their fundraising run/walk/ride events. Additionally, nonprofits also raise money with GiveSignup | RunSignup as Charity Partners. Race organizations like to partner with nonprofits because it helps them grow participation as nonprofits encourage their supporters to participate and fundraise. Nonprofits benefit from partnering with races because it’s a low-overhead way to incentivize peer-to-peer fundraising, grow donor lists, and promote their mission.

It’s easy for races to add one or many Charity Partners to accept direct payments for donations and host fundraisers as part of their race registration. Some examples of races with Charity Partners include:

GiveSignup | RunSignup Charity Partners aren’t limited to partnering with races. Any nonprofit can raise more in 2021 with GiveSignup’s suite of free event and fundraising technology, from DIY fundraising and recurring donations to tickets and hybrid events.

Five steps you can take to diversify your fundraising efforts in 2021 and raise more:

Step 1: Optimize Your Involvement as a Charity Partner

Whether you are called a charity partner, a nonprofit partner, a cause, or something else entirely, it’s important to make the most of your relationship with events that benefit your organization. When the run/walk/ride you work with adds you as a “Charity Partner”, you have access to a Charity Partner Dashboard where you can manage both your brand and your donations.

  • Direct payment. Add payment account information for faster donation payments, direct to your organization.
  • Control your message. From your Charity Partner Dashboard, upload your most current logo, add a message about your cause, and share your mission. Step one in convincing someone to donate is sharing how their donation will make a difference.
  • Make your fundraisers successful. Even as a Charity Partner, you can enable the free GiveSignup | RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser integration, allowing your fundraisers to fundraise on both platforms with fundraising totals in sync.
  • View donor data. View and export data on all donors and fundraisers for the event, and add them to your nurturing programs to build recurring donors.

Step 2: Make Online Fundraising Easy

Don’t rely on events to collect donations online. With donation forms and donation websites, you can expand your online presence and create a branded donation process that’s a step up from PayPal.

Step 3: Offer Creative Ticket Events

Ticket events for nonprofits are built to be easy – easy for you to set up, and easy for your supporters to purchase (no forced sign-in or account creation). But unlike standard ticketing platforms, GiveSignup Tickets integrates donations into the purchasing process, allowing for one-time and recurring donations.

  • Think outside the box. Ticket events can be traditional and in-person (like a golf outing), pandemic-safe and virtual (like a virtual cocktail class) or a hybrid, with a mix of in-person experience and social distancing (like a scavenger hunt).
  • Encourage donations with Donation Discounts. Focus the attention on the mission by incentivizing donations over ticket fees
  • Keep the fun going with Photos. The free Photo Platform allows you to upload unlimited photos from your event, re-engaging your attendees in the days and weeks that follow.

Step 4: Create Your Own Hybrid Events Strategy.

Take the lead with hybrid run/walk/rides built to support your mission. To overcome registration hesitancy and to scale your event reach, easily offer both in-person and virtual options. Take back control of your event, regardless of changes to pandemic restrictions. Bonus: adding a virtual option creates a national audience for local events. Leveraging this hybrid strategy is a great way to increase participation potential and ultimately help you raise more!

A few ways to integrate a hybrid approach to events:

  • Re-build participant confidence by adding a virtual run/walk/ride as an alternative to your planned in-person version – and make your contingency plan clear in the event of a cancellation of the
  • Build an annual calendar that supports both in-person and virtual events every year. Virtual participants can be different from your loyal in-person attendees – but both types of supporters are valuable.

Step 5: Activate Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Activate your supporters and board with simple and easy peer-to-peer fundraising, either as a part of an event or as a standalone online campaign.

  • Consider a free or low-cost virtual event with a focus on fundraising. Rather than collecting money up-front, use your virtual event as a springboard to encourage supporters to share your message.
  • Encourage celebratory fundraising. Create opportunities for supporters to fundraise for every occasion – Giving Tuesday, Veterans Day, or even their own birthday. Maximize the results by enabling Facebook Fundraising.
  • Incentivize and reward. Add fundraiser rewards and milestone confetti to gamify fundraising and keep supporters motivated to continue.

Want to learn more about the GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free fundraising tools? Register now for a webinar on March 24, 2021.

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