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Why Your CRM or DMS is Not the Best Tool for Event Fundraising

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Nonprofit CRM and DMS platforms are purpose-built to manage and track donor relationships. Your CRM or DMS enables your nonprofit to centralize supporter data with features like custom data fields to segment data and tools like wealth insights to target large donors. 

Some CRM and DMS platforms offer basic registration and ticketing forms. However, their core business is donor relationship management – and there are endless customizations and features to add to strengthen their CRM or DMS platform. That means their focus is on improving and growing the capabilities of their CRM or DMS platform – not adding improvements to basic registration and ticketing. 

Events are a key part of your nonprofit’s fundraising, donor cultivation, brand and mission awareness, and relationship-building. Your nonprofit needs purpose-built fundraising event technology to raise more, engage supporters, and ensure the impact of your events goes beyond event day. GiveSignup | RunSignup gives you a suite of free and purpose-built fundraising event tools from registration and ticketing to virtual and hybrid that you can use alongside your CRM or DMS platforms. Choose the fundraising event tools your nonprofit wants to use – there are no commitments and no set-up or subscription fees when you get started free with GiveSignup | RunSignup. 

GiveSignup | RunSignup helps your nonprofit raise more, cultivate donors, and engage your supporters with free purpose-built fundraising event technology.

  1. Free digital and social marketing tools help grow your events and strengthen your brand. Design beautiful, free, and mobile-optimized websites for every fundraising event  in minutes with easy click and point template builders. Feature your brand, your mission, and your messaging; with free custom domains and subdomains, your supporters see you and not GiveSignup. Complement digital marketing with our free social marketing tools to grow your events: referral rewards, teams, custom social sharing, drip campaigns, and more!
  2. GiveSignup | RunSignup makes it easy for supporters to sign up, donate, fundraise, and purchase additional items. More than 6 million people signed up for an event on GiveSignup | RunSignup last year – we make it easy for people to sign up with their friends and family, donate, fundraise, and buy store items in a single transaction. Our all-in-one fundraising event platform has all the features your nonprofit needs to raise more like free Facebook Fundraiser integration and donation discounts.
  3. We have free tools that make your Event Day easy and fun. Free email marketing and text messaging make it easy to communicate Event Day details. Free mobile CheckIn Apps for registration, tickets, and (coming soon!) volunteers make it seamless to manage your Event Day. Use our software to set up time slots and caps to ensure a safe and socially-distanced events. Planning and hybrid or virtual event and looking for a way to engage supporters? GiveSignup | RunSignup offers the best suite of virtual event tools from results and milestone badges to photo uploads and a mobile app experience for tracking and cheers.
  4. Our technology fits with your nonprofit’s current toolstack. We make it easy to get all event and fundraising data into your CRM or DMS platform with easily exportable reports and an OpenAPI. If you are planning several events and want to automate data integration with platforms that you use, check out RegForward. Our self-serve platform is easy to use with point and click website builders, thousands of how-to videos and guides, frequent webinars and symposiums, and live support via

The great news is that your nonprofit doesn’t need to choose between your CRM or DMS and GiveSignup | RunSignup. GiveSignup | RunSignup is complementary to your nonprofit’s tech stack so that your nonprofit can use purpose-built fundraising event technology alongside your CRM or DMS. 

With GiveSignup | RunSignup, there are no commitments, no subscription or setup fees, and no hidden costs. We only make money from processing fees (4% including credit card fees for donations) that you can absorb or pass on to your supporters so that you get free websites, free domains, free email marketing, free Facebook Fundraising integration, free DIY fundraising, and more. Visit for more information – it’s easy and free to get started.

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