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Enhance the Donor Experience with Donation E-cards

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Donors often make tribute donations on behalf of or in memory of friends and family. GiveSignup’s free donation websites let your nonprofit enhance the donor experience with E-cards. Donors can now choose a card from your nonprofit’s custom designs, add a personalized message, and schedule when the card is sent to their friend or family member. Making a donation as a gift is easy with E-cards, and can encourage your supporters to donate more frequently as a meaningful way to honor and celebrate friends and family.

It’s simple and easy to add E-card designs that feature your nonprofit’s branding to your donation website! Navigate to to Donations >> Donation Setup >> Tribute Information on your Donation Website dashboard, and enable E-card designs. Now you are ready to get started customizing your designs. Here are 4 tips to help you get started.

1. Choose default E-card designs that you want to include (and hide the rest).

GiveSignup gives you a small library of default E-card designs that your nonprofit can use on your website. Select the images you would like to use by dragging to the left-hand Selected Images column.

2. Use Canva to create your custom E-card designs.

It’s easy to create your own E-card designs with Canva – no graphic design skills required! You can easily create a custom design that fits our recommended image size of 550 px x 350px.

Drag and drop designs from Canva’s library or upload your own images. Then click Download. From there, it’s simple to drag and drop your design to upload to GiveSignup!

3. Create compelling cards and messages.

Your donors will want to make donations as gifts for a variety of reasons, from birthdays to tributes in memory of loved ones to holidays. You can create a variety of cards that are specific (i.e. “Happy Birthday!”), generic (i.e. “For You”), and specific to your mission (“Thank you for your support of Our Nonprofit”).

Have a specific capital campaign? Create a donation website with custom E-card designs for that campaign! You can even promote the campaign with an ask to the recipient

4. Feature your brand and logo.

Your E-cards will be sent to your supporters’ networks. This gives your nonprofit the opportunity to promote your brand to new audiences. It also add legitimacy to the E-card when your logo and nonprofit name are featured.

Donation E-cards are a fun and easy way to enhance your donor experience, and GiveSignup’s free donation websites give you all the tools to add custom designs for your donors. You can learn more about E-card features here:


  1. Look forward to using this feature!

    Any chance specific cards could be tied to specific giving amounts? We run several campaigns that relate specific dollar amounts to symbolic items the gift amount would provide. These campaigns seem like a natural fit for ecards and it would be great to match the ecard to the symbolic item and specific giving amount!

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