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Donation E-cards: New Card Design Options

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Your donors can now select one of our default designs to send an E-Card to the person or family they are making a donation on behalf of. This is a perfect way for your donors to donate to your nonprofit and send a gift to their loved ones for holidays, birthdays, and achievements. (Note that this feature is only available for Donation Websites).

You can enable designs for E-card notifications by navigating to Donations >> Donation Setup >> Tribute Information on your Donation Website dashboard. While E-cards are automatically enabled for donation websites, you must enable the card designs separately:

The E-card preview is dynamic. Donors will be able to see the design as well as their recipient’s name automatically populated in the preview. The message is not included in the preview, but will appear between the top level message and your nonprofit’s logo in the E-card.

The other update in this release is a simplified donation dedication checkbox. As we continue to add more features for donors to customize and dedicate their donations, it is important that the donation page remains simple to allow your nonprofit to optimize user experience. The checkbox hides tribute and dedication features (making it easy for supporters to make quick donations) but expands when checked to allow supporters full tribute and dedication options.

When the box to dedicate a donation is checked, options that your nonprofit has enabled will expand:

Note that if you do not have any tribute settings enabled, your donation page will not feature a dedication checkbox, and simply allow your donors to dedicate their donation (without mail or E-card options).

There are 2 additional E-card features that we will be releasing later this month:

  1. Your nonprofit will be able to upload your own E-card designs. You will have the option to use only your designs, a mix of your designs and default card options, or only default card options.
  2. Donors will be able to schedule their E-cards to send on a specific date. This feature is perfect for donors who want to donate as a birthday or holiday gift and have the E-card send to their honoree on that date.

Features like Donation E-cards that help nonprofits raise more money are another reason why nonprofits are upgrading from PayPal donations.

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