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Many nonprofits have a CRM or a Donor Management Platform that helps to centralize data with custom fields, as well as manage and target higher end donors with add-ons like wealth insights. Unlike those vendors, GiveSignup focuses on helping you engage ALL of your supporters.

Given our endurance roots with RunSignup, we help most nonprofits with run/walk/ride events like 5K’s, marathon fundraising teams, walks, and fundraising rides (and during the pandemic over a thousand new nonprofit customers discovered our virtual events and challenges!). However, we have a broad platform that helps you engage with attendees across any type of event like galas, golf outings and pancake breakfasts with our ticket platform that is purpose-built for nonprofit events. We also help you engage with your Volunteers, Sponsors, Spectators, Members, and of course, Donors and Fundraisers.

Supporter Engagement Platform

Free, No Subscription, No Lock-In

GiveSignup’s platform is free to use (that is right – no monthly subscription costs), and since you can leave us at any time, you can pick and choose which GiveSignup features your nonprofit can use to raise more and engage supporters. And if you don’t like it, leave at any time with no penalties or overhead.

This gives you the freedom to try new things that can help engage your supporters in more meaningful ways. Our Challenge Hub is one example of an entirely new way to engage supporters with ongoing, multi-day or week virtual challenges that have raised over $30 Million for nonprofits. Nonprofits have raised even more with free Virtual Events combined with fundraising campaigns. Hybrid events increase options for your supporters, widens your pool of potential participants and fundraisers, and creates built-in contingency plans to help you manage the unknown.

As live events come back in 2021, we are seeing more nonprofits plan to move from Eventbrite to GiveSignup Tickets so they can take advantage of free websites, integrated donations, incentives to raise more like Referral Rewards and Donation Discounts, and features like a free photo platform built right into your ticket website.

Alongside Your Donor Management Platform

Many GiveSignup customers leverage our Supporter Engagement Tools alongside their Donor Management Platforms. Nonprofits want the high engagement and revenue generating capabilities of GiveSignup for their fundraising, registration, and ticket events, along with the long term tools they get from Salesforce, Blackbaud, Bloomerang and Kindful, Network for Good or Salsa. Most nonprofits simply download a report from GiveSignup after their event and import into their CRM or Donor Management System, while some use one of the several third party tools to automatically sync data.

Donor Management Systems focus on other things like high net worth donors, custom data fields, lead tracking, and closing for Executive Directors and Giving Officers. So they typically do not handle registration, tickets or integrated event and fundraising actions. GiveSignup focuses on broad supporter engagement, and specializes in registration, tickets and fundraising. Smart nonprofits use the right tool for the right job.

Low Fees, Free Facebook Fundraising, and Integrated Payments

Of course, many nonprofits are strapped for revenue and are trying to control costs. In addition to using us for events, they are also using our powerful donation and fundraising tools. There are three main reasons:

  • 4%, Donor-paid Processing Fee (including merchant fees). This means there are no fees for nonprofits to take donations. And the low, flat 4% is true even for $1.00 and $5.00 donations. This reinforces the engagement we want to provide to a broad audience of supporters. And while it may be a bit more than the $0.30 + 2.9% of PayPal, you get a lot more.
  • Free Facebook Fundraising. Integrating Facebook Fundraising for your fundraisers can increase donations by 40-100%. GiveSignup makes this simple (and free) for you, and easy for fundraisers.
  • Integrated Payments. Unlike most donor management platforms, we are a Payment Facilitator. That means we do the payment processing for you. No more complicated merchant reports. No more reconciliation between your donation reports and merchant reports. Everything is in one place, and we handle it all for you (including chargebacks and refund processing).

Activation and Engagement

“Activation” has become a popular term in marketing and e-commerce. Emails should have a “Call to Action”. Ads are placed to “Activate” buyers.

Increasingly, nonprofits are looking for ways to “activate” their supporters. We like the term “engage”, as it describes what happens between a supporter and a nonprofit. Nonprofits have a mission. And they need many people to get behind them to support their mission. And they can benefit from a diversity of people and what they bring in terms of time, talent, and funds.

The GiveSignup mission is to provide nonprofits with an increasingly great technology toolbox they can use to engage with your supporters. Let us know how we can help you engage your supporters in more meaningful ways.

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