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Donation E-cards

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Donation E-cards allow your donors to send a message to the person or family they are making a donation on behalf of. This is a perfect way for your donors to donate to your nonprofit and send a gift to their loved ones for holidays, birthdays, and achievements. In this first release, GiveSignup’s E-cards give your donors the option to send a customized email to their honoree. (Note that this initial release is only available for Donation Websites).

The E-card is automatically enabled for all donation websites. You can update your settings by navigating to Donations >> Donation List >> Tribute Information.

Tribute Information allows you to enable two settings: Mailing Address Collection and Send an E-card. You can enable one, both, or neither setting. Note that Mailing Address Collection is not on by default. Enabling this setting means that your nonprofit can send a physical thank you card to the honoree later on – meaning that you should only enable this setting if you plan to send acknowledgement cards to honorees.

The next E-Card release in January will add E-card templates that donors can select from. This will allow your donors to personalize their donations in a more stylized and branded way. Features like Donation E-cards that help nonprofits raise more money are another reason why you should upgrade from PayPal donations.

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