Customer Case Study: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado

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The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado provides resources, support, and education for people living with epilepsy and their families in Colorado. Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado, which is based in Denver, is a local affiliate of the national Epilepsy Foundation organization. In 2020, they began using GiveSignup to raise money, save money, and save time.

  • Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado uses GiveSignup to raise money with simple donation forms, DIY fundraising, and their annual fundraising events. 
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado uses GiveSignup to save money because there are no platform fees and GiveSignup offers features like email marketing and Facebook fundraising integration for free.
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado saves time by using GiveSignup because the platform is self-serve, allows for easy shared access between team members, and all their supporter data is in one central location. 

“GiveSignup’s free platform has helped us with our transition to virtual events in an unusual year,” said Allison, Engagement Manager at Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. 

Raise Money

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is using GiveSignup to generate revenue in the following ways:

  • Donations: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is using GiveSignup to grow donations. They have two donation websites, one specifically for fundraising campaigns and one for general donations. The Donate button on their main website ( goes to their GiveSignup donation website.
  • Ticket Events: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado uses GiveSignup for their ticket events. They have a variety of free ticket events, like webinars and trainings, as well as a fundraising gala and a symposium. Their events are almost all virtual in 2020. Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado has set up 11 different ticket events on GiveSignup since June of this year.

  • DIY Fundraising: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado set up a separate donation website to host their fundraising campaigns. They have three live and ongoing campaigns: one for general Community Fundraisers, one for charity riders in the Denver Century Ride, and one for charity runners in the Denver Colfax Marathon.
  • Fundraising Walk: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado holds an annual fundraising walk for epilepsy awareness called the Colorado Springs Walk to END EPILEPSY. In 2020, the event is a virtual walk with a drive thru car parade on the event date. They are using GiveSignup’s integrated registration, donations, fundraising, and team capabilities to make the event as engaging as possible in a year when they cannot hold it in-person.

Save Money

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is saving money with GiveSignup because it is a completely free platform with no subscription, monthly, or setup fees. The only fees are a 4% donation processing fee (includes platform + credit card fees) that they give donors the option to pay, and processing fees on paid tickets and registrations that they can choose to pass on or give donors the option to cover. For free events, like their monthly webinars, the ticket purchase path features a soft ask for donations.  

  • Free Email Marketing: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado uses GiveSignup’s free email to communicate with supporters and participants. It’s easy to create filtered lists across supporters and send targeted emails, set up automated drip campaigns, and cross-promote fundraising events. For example, Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado can create a list of all supporters who donated more than $25 in the past year and send them a coupon to their virtual walk.
  • Free Facebook Fundraising: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado uses GiveSignup’s free integration with Facebook Fundraising for all of their fundraising campaigns and events. Supporters can connect their GiveSignup fundraising page with Facebook, creating a synced Facebook Fundraiser that they can share. Donations made on Facebook are completely free and fundraisers can more easily reach their broader networks to ask for donations. Using the Facebook fundraiser integration in 2020 has reduced their effective processing fee on donations to their fundraising walk to only 2.76%.
  • Free websites for every event/campaign: Each ticket event, donation campaign, and the fundraising walk has their own full website, which Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado can customize to reflect their branding. 

Save Time

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado saves time by using GiveSignup for their tickets, walk, and donations.

  • GiveSignup is a self-serve platform that’s easy to use, with thousands of how-to guides, blogs, Youtube tutorials, and webinars. Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado can do everything themselves, which means they don’t have to rely on GiveSignup support to help them set up their events, pull reports, or manage supporter data. It’s a great balance between an easy-to-use platform and support from GiveSignup to make fundraising a success.
  • GiveSignup’s help guides, videos, blogs, webinars, and newsletters provide product updates and support. Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado also contacts when they have questions, need assistance with event setup, and to give feedback on features that help them raise more money.
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado has access to robust reporting tools on all of their GiveSignup events and campaigns, making it easy to view, manage, and export supporter data efficiently.
  • All of Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado’s data is in one place. This means they get a 360 degree view of their constituents across all of their revenue generating activities. Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado can provide tailored support to fundraisers and participants, easily take actions to help fundraisers and participants, and log notes and interactions so that all Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado team members can view the engagement history with supporters.
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado has one payment account that they use for all their events and campaigns, meaning that they get one weekly payment for the amount of that week’s registrations, donations, and paid tickets. Clean payment reports break down funds by event/campaign, so it’s easy to reconcile finances.
  • It’s easy (and free) for Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado to manage access for their team members. Everyone on their team has their own GiveSignup account and can be added to any ticket event, donation website, or the virtual walk, with different levels of access. There are no limits on how many team members can view one event, and team members don’t have to be added to all events, either, making it easy to customize access for each person on the team.

“Having everything in one place is really important to us,” said Allison of Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. “GiveSignup has allowed us to consolidate all our fundraising events and campaigns so that all of our supporter data is accessible to our team in one platform.” GiveSignup’s free technology is an excellent solution for nonprofits like Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado, who are trying to raise money and save money in 2020 and beyond.

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