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New and Simple Donation Website Wizard

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GiveSignup’s Donation Website Wizard makes it simple and easy to set up a website, donation forms, and/or fundraising campaigns for your nonprofit in minutes. You will enter your nonprofit’s basic information, enable basic donation settings, and link your payment account (or create a new payment account or send an invite to the person responsible for your nonprofit’s finances to set up a payment account.

When you complete the Donation Website Wizard, you’ll have a free website that you can customize with your nonprofit’s branding, content, and domain or subdomain. The website is flexible, and can be used for a single campaign, to feature all of your fundraising campaigns, or for your donations. You’ll also have a dashboard where you can add more advanced features.

There are 4 steps to the Donation Website Wizard:

  1. Donation Website Information: Enter basic information about your nonprofit.
  2. Donations: Customize basic settings for donations. You’ll be able to add additional customizations and make changes from the dashboard after completing the wizard.
  3. Payment Account: Link an existing payment account or set up a new payment account to get paid for donations made. Not responsible for finances? Send an email invite to your CFO or Finance Director to set up the payment account.
  4. Finish: You have created a donation website and are ready to accept donations, create fundraising campaigns, and add new donation forms! Add more customization to your website, create fundraising campaigns, and add donation forms from your Donation Website Dashboard.

1. Donation Website Information

To begin setting up your donation website, you’ll enter the basic information about your nonprofit. This information will automatically show on your website. You’ll be able to make updates at any time after completing the wizard.

These are the fields you will complete in the Donation Website Wizard:

  • Donation Website Name: This field will display on your donation website. It can be your nonprofit’s name, the name of a specific campaign, or your fundraising campaigns’ website name.
  • Nonprofit Category: You can select the category of your nonprofit’s cause. If you don’t see your specific cause, select General. This will apply a website image that fits your cause. You’ll be able to choose a different banner from our image library, upload your own, or add a cover page design.
  • Donation Website Description: Add a description about your nonprofit or the purpose of the website.
  • Donation Website Logo: Upload a logo that will show on your main donation website.
  • Contact Email: There is a simple contact form that’s automatically added to your website if your donors have any questions or need to contact your nonprofit. The contact form submission will be sent to the contact form email address entered here.
  • Links: You can add links to your nonprofit’s main website and your Facebook page. These will both appear on the main page of your website.
  • Location Information: This will default to your IP address’s timezone and apply to your donation website’s reports (i.e. timestamp on donations).
  • Donation Website Visibility: Select your donation website’s visibility settings. Note that you can change these from your dashboard by navigating to Donation Website >> Publish Settings.

2. Donations

In the second step of the Donation Website Wizard, you’ll customize donations.

These are the fields you’ll complete when setting up donations:

  • Donation Message: The content entered here will show on the donations page. You should use language that is specific to your donation appeal.
  • Allow Recurring Donations: Checking this setting will allow your donors to make a one-time or recurring donation (monthly, quarterly, or annual)
  • Donation Levels: We give you 4 default donation levels. You can edit, delete, or add additional levels These are easy-to-select donation buttons with pre-set amounts that you can associate with donation level descriptions. In the example below, there are 3 donation levels:
    • $25: Save a Fish
    • $100: Save a Whale
    • $500: Save the Ocean

3. Payment Account

The third step of the event wizard is Payment. It asks how you want the processing fees covered, and lets you link an existing payment account or create a new payment account. You can also send an invite to the person responsible for your nonprofit’s finances to have them set up a payment account, or use test mode.

4. Finish

Congratulations! You’ve created a donation website!

Your donation website is automatically populated with the nonprofit and donation settings you set up in the Donation Website Wizard.

You can navigate to the Donation Website Dashboard to design your nonprofit’s website with custom branding, content, and domain or subdomain. You can also create unlimited and free donation forms and fundraising campaigns from your dashboard.

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