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Social sharing pop-ups now show when a donation is made on any of your donation websites, donation forms, and fundraising campaigns. You can customize the images and text that your donors see and share after making a donation. This is another great way for you to promote your nonprofit and brand, and reach new supporters in your donors’ networks.

To customize your social sharing options, navigate to Promotions >> Social Sharing. First, you can add custom images for links shared on social media by your donors. You can upload 2 images:

  • Small Share Image: Use a square (1:1) image between 200px x 200px (minimum) and 599px x 599px (maximum).
  • Large Share Image: We recommend an aspect ration of 1.9:1 for the large social share image. There’s a minimum size of 1,200px x 630px and maximum 4,096px x 4,096px.

Then you can edit and customize the default social sharing text:

You can disable the social share pop-up for donations by unchecking the setting at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve uploaded your images, updated your social share text, and enable/disable the pop-up setting, click Save at the bottom of the page.

You can also customize social sharing for each fundraising campaign. Click on the edit button for the fundraising campaign that you’d like to update, then navigate to the Social Sharing tile.

Your fundraising campaign will automatically inherit the settings on your donation website.

You can update with unique images and social share messaging for each campaign. For example, the Birthday Fundraiser campaign for The Food Bank may update the images and text from above to be more birthday specific:

Custom social sharing is another way for your nonprofit to feature your brand, your mission, and your messaging when you use GiveSignup’s free donation forms, websites, and fundraising campaigns.

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