Donation Summary Notification

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Nonprofits can now send donation summary notifications on a daily or weekly basis to any number of contacts in your organization.

To set up a donation summary notification, navigate to Donations >> Donation Setup. Click the Donation Summary Email Settings tile.

There are multiple settings that you can define and customize:

  • Message Subject: Customize the subject line of the Donation Summary notification
  • Email Frequency: Choose whether the notification is sent daily or weekly (and select the day that you would like the notification sent)
  • Delivery Time: Select the time that you would like to receive the notification
  • Minimum and Maximum Donation Amount: If you want to receive a notification for all donations, leave these fields blank. Some nonprofits prefer to only receive notifications for donations greater than a certain amount (i.e. donations larger than $500) and that amount can be entered in the Minimum Donation Amount field.
  • Set Up Recipients: You can set up recipients who want to receive the notification email. You can add any email, including members of your nonprofit who are not admins for your GiveSignup donation website.

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