Ticket Event Wizard Updates

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One of the big projects that we are currently working on is simplifying the Ticket Event Wizard by moving features from the Wizard into the Dashboard.

Right now, there is a lot of power that nonprofits love in the Ticket Wizard, including:

  • Information collection (per ticket purchase or per individual ticket)
  • Ticket Groups
  • Require multiples of tickets to be purchased
  • Flexible ticket caps

We aren’t taking any of that power away. Our goal is to make it easy for nonprofits to set up a simple ticketed event, while keeping all of the features that more complex events like galas and golf tournaments need.

Where we are today

Once you complete the Ticket Event Wizard, you will be able to make all updates from you dashboard. You can learn more about the new functionality that’s been added from the Ticket Event Wizard to the Dashboard here:

  • Event
    • Basic Info
    • Publish Settings
  • Tickets
    • Create or Edit
    • Ticket Groups
    • Information Collection
    • Advanced Pricing
  • Financial
    • Payment Settings: This is where you can create a payment account, link an existing payment account, and update processing fee settings

What’s Coming Next

The new wizard will be simple. You will create tickets with simple pricing. You’ll be able to organize into groups, update information collection, and add advanced pricing in the dashboard.

Here are some mock ups of the ticket wizard that you will see when you create an event in the coming weeks.

We are excited to make it even easier for nonprofits to create ticket events with donations to raise more and save time.

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